Meet The Interns 1024 842 Specright Specright

Who said the only thing interns know how to do is take coffee orders and file papers?  Definitely not Specright!  Internship programs should be about learning but also about enjoying yourself. And Specright knows how to create that perfect balance for their interns.  Being a part of a startup company gives interns the opportunity to…

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Specright Awards First Annual Scholarship for Packaging Students 1024 683 Specright Specright

Irvine, CA, April 13, 2021 — Specright awarded its first annual scholarship to four packaging students, two from Michigan State University, one from UW Stout, and one from Rutgers University. The scholarship recognizes students who understand the importance of Specification Management in packaging. “Given the importance of packaging, we want to help future generations of…

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