How Packaging Audits Can Identify Risks to your Business

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How Packaging Audits Can Identify Risks to your Business Packaging is a very dynamic, ever changing part of business.  In most cases packaging serves many capacities: promoting the brand, protecting the product/brand, maintaining order throughout transit, and serving as a storage vessel for the end user.  A packaging failure at any point can be catastrophic.…

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Why Specification Data Management is Better at Managing Packaging Specs than a PLM or ERP solution

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Research has shown that 25% of companies don’t use any type of software solution to manage their packaging specs; 50% have a system that they don’t use because it’s too difficult or is not optimized for managing packaging specs; and 25% have a solution they use but are looking for something better suited to their…

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3 ways packaging audits improve quality and minimize returns

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3 Ways Packaging Audits Improve Quality and Minimize Returns Taking a proactive approach to routine, scheduled packaging audits can improve the quality of your packaging and keep your specs compliant, which in turn, can minimize product recalls due to faulty packaging or improper labels.  We’ll look at 3 specific ways that audits can help. Specright’s…

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Specright solves data access problems with fantastic search

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Is finding packaging specs a treasure hunt? Have you ever created a new spec instead of spending all that time searching for an existing item? Specright can help make that a thing of the past with Searchability. Watch a quick demo video on Specright’s Search Tools. You expect instant answers when you’re searching. Specright solves…

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Performing the Right Analytics on Your Packaging Specs

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Chances are, if you’re a packaging engineer, management has asked you to provide statistics on what packaging the company uses, what it is made of or even how to reduce the overall costs of the company’s packaging. To get the answers, you pour through excel files of specifications, review PDF documents for hidden data and spend hours making management-friendly…

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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Reduce Packaging Related Costs

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Walk into any retail outlet and you will see a plethora of packaging options to choose from. For the average consumer, this array is a living kaleidoscope of color funneling their interests in the direction that is the right choice for them. But for the packaging engineer, it’s an opportunity to review, analyze and recommend…

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