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Go Beyond Life Cycle Assessment for Sustainability

Accelerate Life Cycle Assessment with Specification Management Software

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What is the total environmental impact of just one product or its package? How about all of the products you produce within a given year? Answering these questions can seem unfeasible, given the multiple factors that influence a product’s environmental impact. Many of these factors may not have crossed your mind, while others you are…

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“Spec Drift” Effects Business Efficiency

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“Spec Drift” Effects Business Efficiency By Matthew Wright Spec Drift – it sounds like something that goes on at a ski resort. However, Spec Drift is in fact the shifting of an element or elements from an intended product specification. Commonly, a spec can drift so much that the original intention is nowhere to be…

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Specright Introduces Innovative Packaging IQ Feature

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Specright Introduces Innovative Packaging IQ Feature IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Specright, a leading provider of SaaS Solutions for specification data management, announced today a significant update to its platform. The new IQ feature leverages machine-learning algorithms to uncover cost-saving opportunities that are immediately actionable to its customer base.  Specright’s platform is made for companies that…

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Reflections from Pack Expo 2017

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Reflections from Pack Expo 2017 Now that the dust has settled, here are the trends and themes we heard at the world’s largest packaging trade show 29,000 attendees convened in Las Vegas for Pack Expo from September 25-27, 2017 Packaging professionals are tired of old software systems and incomplete information. Suppliers want to be on…

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Packaging: Turning a liability into an asset

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Packaging: Turning a liability into an asset -by Matthew Wright | Founder & CEO Matthew WrightFounder and CEO of Specright Packaging can be an asset in lowering your costs and increasing speed to market. Buyers of packaging agree that packaging costs too much and the process is too complex. Vendors agree that they don’t make…

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Specright raises funding to bring technology to packaging industry

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Specright raises round to fix the user experience in packaging. -by Matthew Wright | Founder & CEO Specright secures funding for packaging spec system Today we are thrilled to announce that Specright has secured funding from Mucker Capital, Okapi Venture Capital, and Fika Ventures to deliver enhanced packaging supplier management tools and supply chain analytics.…

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Managing the DNA of Packaging Specs Intelligently to Drive Cost Reductions and Business Efficiencies

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Managing the DNA of Packaging Specs Intelligently to Drive Cost Reductions and Business Efficiencies Accurate packaging specifications enable any supply chain to function faster and effectively, while inaccurate specifications impact logistics, transportation, speed to market, responsiveness to recall/failure, etc. Listen to Matthew Wright, Specright CEO and Founder speak to standing-room-only crowd at Pack Expo International…

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Simple Packaging Specification Creation for Packaging Engineers

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Packaging Engineers can quickly create specs using Specright Specright’s Specification Data Management solution makes it easy for packaging engineers and technologists to streamline packaging specification creation. With Specright,  users can quickly and efficiently search, find or create new specifications from scratch or from existing specs, all while keeping key stakeholders in sync. Our solution saves…

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Instantly Find Packaging Specs that Match your Key Attributes

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Use Specright’s Like Item Finder to instantly find similar packaging specs. Instantly Find Packaging Specs that Match your Key Attributes In today’s demanding consumer goods environment, goods-producers are creating thousands of new product SKUs everyday to satisfy consumer demand. Along with these new products, come new packaging specs. Specright’s Like Item Finder makes it easy…

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Supply Chain Management

Optimized Supplier Management for Procurement Professionals

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The packaging specification market is expected to grow to around $1 trillion by 2020, making up around 200+ million packaging SKUs around the world. With 60 million in the United States alone – this number is growing daily, as is the complicated process of sharing specs and managing them, both internally and externally. This growing…

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