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ROI of Specification Management

Why Your Tech Stack Needs an Upgrade: The ROI of Specification Management 1024 683 Specright Specright

Specification management is paving the way for end-to-end digital supply chain management.  And not a moment too soon – the world is demanding supply chains to be dynamic, flexible, and able to respond in real time, but most current methods of managing the supply chain can’t keep up.  And we get it – when it…

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Cut Private Label Supply Chain Costs with Master Data Management 1024 576 Specright Specright

Holding onto older legacy systems as a cost-cutting strategy can often do more harm than good. Retail consultancy S4RB found that just a 10% loss in productivity from not having proper systems in place could cost as much as $5 million annually. The shortcomings of traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in supply chain master data…

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global data management

How to Compete Globally with Master Data Management for Supply Chains 1024 696 Specright Specright

Supply chain agility has never been a greater focus than right now. For many retailers, distributors, and manufacturers, the global pandemic has served as one of the most important lessons in demonstrating the need for flexibility, transparency, and the ability to shift quickly in response to changing markets.  There isn’t a manufacturer or company that…

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How to Leverage Data Management to Manage the Modern Supply Chain 1024 683 Specright Specright

Maximizing supply chain efficiency has never been a more pressing need than in 2020. At the heart of efficiency is data — it is only possible to use and improve with the right information. Without good data management, supply chain partners are left in the dark about what’s happening and what to expect next.    The…

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Industry Makers Episode 1: The Impact of Industrial Technology 460 259 Specright Specright

We sat down with Professor Erickson to explore the differences between industrial technology and information technology and tips for how professionals and students alike can embrace ambiguity and adopt new technology. We also discussed how Cal Poly is preparing students for the work force by integrating technology like Specright into their curriculum. Learn More About…

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