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Why Tribal Knowledge is the Biggest Threat to Manufacturing 560 315 Specright Specright

There is a paradigm shift taking place in manufacturing companies: the baby boomer generation that made up a majority of the workforce is retiring. And when they retire, critical information, often referred to as “Tribal Knowledge,” goes with them, resulting in gaps of information at the companies they leave behind.  In the United States alone,…

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Supplier SDM Tablet

5 Ways Specification Management Software Improves Supplier Collaboration 560 315 Specright Specright

When you hear the term “Specification Data Management™ (SDM™) software,” what immediately comes to mind? You might simply think of product specifications. And that makes sense, since product and packaging specifications are foundational to an overall specification management system solution. However, a comprehensive SDM system manages much more than just product specs. With the right…

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Brand Identity with Specright

How Specification Management Software Protects Your Brand Identity 692 439 Specright Specright

Building a strong brand identity is a process that requires research, time, money, and considerable effort. This makes sense, as brand identity dictates public perception and how current and potential customers feel about the values your company represents and the products and services it offers. In an increasingly global market, more companies are investing in…

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Take Control of Your Packaging with Specification Management Software 1024 683 Specright Specright

As CPG companies are reviewing the previous year’s progress and planning for ways to improve in 2020, one area that often gets overlooked is the way they manage their packaging specifications. From dimensions to materials to suppliers and co-manufacturers, there are seemingly countless moving parts that go into creating each package for each product.  To…

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Product LifeCycle Vs. SDM

What’s the Difference between Product Lifecycle Management and Specification Data Management™? 583 388 Specright Specright

Specification Data Management (SDM™) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) share similarities, but the two terms are far from interchangeable. By definition, PLM software is a repository of data used in the design and manufacturing process of a product throughout its lifecycle — development, rollout, growth, stability, and decline. The idea behind using PLM software is…

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Specright on Tablet in Factory

5 Ways to Lower Costs with Specification Management Software 1024 684 Specright Specright

Specification Management software is designed to digitize and map specs across the supply chain and provide businesses with a single source of truth for their spec data. Textbook definition aside, how does Specification Data Management™ actually look and function? Or more importantly, how exactly are businesses using Specification Management software to simplify their supply chains…

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The Rise of Contract Manufacturers: Why Brands are Shifting from Skeptics to Advocates 1024 683 Specright Specright

Matt Lenzen It wasn’t long ago that brands were reluctant to use contract manufacturers (also known as co-manufacturers or co-mans). After all, the reasoning typically went, they would never “trust someone else to run their product!” But brands are starting to change their views of co-manufacturers as a result of changing market dynamics.   Market…

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