Specright’s Specification Data Management Platform Now Available on the SAP Store 1024 1024 Specright Specright

The partnership enables companies to marry supply chain and purchasing data to drive sustainability, accelerate product development and find ways to reduce costs. Tustin, CA – May 4, 2022 – Specright, the leader in Specification Management software, now has its platform listed on the SAP Store, as a complement to SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)…

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Specright Selected as Part of SAP.iO Program to Accelerate Innovation for Customers 200 200 Specright Specright

A wise person once said, “Supporting another’s success won’t ever dampen yours.”  I would also add that creating partnerships is key to the success of our customers.  That’s why, for the past two months, Specright has been working closely with SAP as part of the SAP.iO program.  SAP.iO is an accelerator that helps technology companies…

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specification management book

Specright CEO Publishes Book on Evolution of Products and Packaging 1024 768 Specright Specright

Tustin, CA, September 27, 2021 — Specright, Inc., the pioneer of Specification Management software, which enables companies to manage and share product and packaging specification data, today announced the publication of a book by its founder and CEO Matthew Wright. In The Evolution of Products and Packaging, Wright unpacks the trends and lessons learned during…

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How to Develop a Unified Multi-Brand Strategy With Specification Data Management 1024 683 Specright Specright

What do massive brands like Unilever, Nestlé, and even Adobe all have in common? They’re multi-brand companies.  But expanding your company’s brand portfolio is no walk in the park. It takes high levels of supply chain communication, a robust tech stack, and visibility into operations.  Unfortunately, most supply chain teams don’t have the tools they…

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Supply Chain Lingo: What’s the Difference Between Contract Manufacturing and Private Label? 1024 704 Specright Specright

So you’re ready to make a new product. A key consideration during the ideation phase is how you plan to make it – especially if you’re not an in-house manufacturing company and need outsourcing. Production is critical, since it shapes the amount of control, customization, and planning that goes into your new product.  The good…

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4 Ways Digitizing R&D Drives Better Product Development 1024 576 Specright Specright

When it comes to making a new product, there are tradeoffs between speed, quality, and innovation.  A successful product development cycle is no small feat, especially in today’s world, where collaboration is critical and consumer demands are increasing. So how do you successfully collaborate with supply chain stakeholders during product development? The answer: strong research…

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How to Create Effective Specifications for Products and Packaging 1024 683 Specright Specright

Here at Specright, we talk about specs A LOT.  Specifications include the data and instructions to create consistent products and packaging. This includes data points such as formulas, raw materials, packaging, ingredients, and so on.  And the growing complexity of products as a result of eCommerce, consumer preferences, sustainability goals, and globalization has resulted in…

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product development

3 Ways Your Supply Chain Can Impede Product Development 1024 683 Specright Specright

You’ve got a million-dollar idea. But unfortunately, that isn’t enough to launch a successful product. Now, it’s a matter of determining its viability in the market, and much of your success comes down to how well your supply chain functions. Time to market, costs, and how you respond to shifts in market demand can make…

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The Latest in Specright: Product Release 8.0 1024 683 Specright Specright

Release 8.0 is here, and we’re excited to share the new features and capabilities now available to Specright users.  We’ve added Data Auditing, a Clone From tool, a Related List view, and Custom Action Buttons. You asked, we listened; thanks to all of the user feedback that has helped shape Release 8.0. Specright Exchange: Data…

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March 2020 New Release Header

New to Specright: Bids, Sustainability Dashboard, Supplier Document Management and More 1024 611 Specright Specright

Specright is excited to announce several new capabilities and features included in our May 2020 – 7.0 release: improvements to Specright Exchange – Bids, Sustainability Dashboard, Supplier Document Management, Unit of Measure Conversion, Live Chat, Map Enhancements, and Packaging News Thanks to a great deal of valuable feedback and insights from users, our platform has…

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