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Transparency Equals Action: A Formula For Reaching Sustainability Goals Faster 960 630 Specright Specright

Originally shared on Over the past six months, I’ve noticed a shift. Manufacturers are becoming increasingly unsatisfied with being reactive when it comes to sustainability efforts. They recognize, with growing regulatory and consumer pressure, the need to introduce a new, proactive foundation that can scale across all aspects of their supply chain. They also…

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Specright Annual Scholarship: Packaging Students Weigh in on How to Tackle Sustainability 1024 683 Specright Specright

Specright awarded its second annual scholarship to three packaging students from UW Stout and Michigan State University. The scholarship is available to students in all packaging programs Specright is partnered with. This year, the scholarship is recognizing packaging students with innovative ideas on how to approach sustainability using Specification Management. Students were asked to write…

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4 Reasons to Use Food Specifications to Drive Traceability 1024 723 Specright Specright

In the age of increasing food regulations and prioritization of sustainability, there’s one thing that shouldn’t be slowing you down. Data management. Food and beverage companies face the ever-growing demand for safe food and traceability — and the systems deployed to do the job often only address ‘symptoms’ of what causes a lack of traceability,…

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5 Ways to Make Your Supply Chain Sustainable 1024 683 Specright Specright

Aiming for a more sustainable supply chain is an important piece to doing business ethically. But many companies find it’s hard to put sustainability into practice, especially in a way that doesn’t sacrifice speed, quality, or cost savings.  However, the pressure from vendors, partners, consumers, and stakeholders continues to mount when it comes to pushing…

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Go Beyond Life Cycle Assessment for Sustainability

Accelerate Life Cycle Assessment with Specification Management Software 1024 477 Specright Specright

What is the total environmental impact of just one product or its package? How about all of the products you produce within a given year? Answering these questions can seem unfeasible, given the multiple factors that influence a product’s environmental impact. Many of these factors may not have crossed your mind, while others you are…

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Sustainability in Supply Chain Image

Supply Chain Sustainability: What Every Business Should Know 747 467 Specright Specright

Companies pushing toward sustainability often start by examining and improving their own internal processes. However, a recent report from CDP found that a company’s supply chain creates 5.5 times more greenhouse gas emissions than they do in-house. There are big opportunities for companies to become more sustainable by directing their focus to elements beyond their…

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Open Farm Field Sustainability Graphic SDM

Uncover Sustainability Opportunities with Specification Data Management™ 1024 683 Specright Specright

Many companies don’t have a solid understanding of the relationship between their supply chain and sustainability, or an easy way to identify opportunities to improve both. However, a DNV GL-Business Assurance survey revealed that 86 percent of companies feel mounting pressure from stakeholders and consumers to investigate how they can make every stage in their…

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Sustainability SDM Field Image

3 Ways Specification Data Management™ (SDM™) Promotes Sustainability 1024 682 Specright Specright

Every piece of the supply chain is affected by big data. One estimate by IBM suggests that we will have 300 times more information in 2020 than we did in 2005. As companies collect and store more data than ever before, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a way to tap into these data reserves…

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How to be Sustainable During the Holidays 560 315 Specright Specright

How to be Sustainable During the Holidays The holidays are a time for reflecting on the past year, spending time with family – and of course, presents. While many companies have initiatives to make their packaging more sustainable, consumers can take a few steps this holiday season to limit the environmental impact associated with gift…

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