Sustainable Packaging

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Uncover Sustainability Opportunities with Specification Data Management™ 1024 683 Specright Specright

Many companies don’t have a solid understanding of the relationship between their supply chain and sustainability, or an easy way to identify opportunities to improve both. However, a DNV GL-Business Assurance survey revealed that 86 percent of companies feel mounting pressure from stakeholders and consumers to investigate how they can make every stage in their…

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3 Ways Specification Data Management™ (SDM™) Promotes Sustainability 1024 682 Specright Specright

Every piece of the supply chain is affected by big data. One estimate by IBM suggests that we will have 300 times more information in 2020 than we did in 2005. As companies collect and store more data than ever before, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a way to tap into these data reserves…

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Sustainability 1024 711 Specright Specright

Sustainability with Specright Green. Environmentally friendly. Sustainable. Everybody wants their packaging to be better for the environment. But do you know if it actually is? With Specright, you’ll know right away… Retailers, consumers, and regulatory bodies are increasingly requesting this transparency into everything from packaging waste to recycled content. In Specright, you can track all…

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Why Managing Data at the DNA Level Maximizes Efficiency 1024 662 Specright Specright

Managing data at the DNA level maximizes efficiency -by Matthew Wright | Founder & CEO Matthew WrightFounder and CEO of Specright Products and packaging were around before computers, so it only makes sense that most data captured today starts above what I call the “DNA level” of products. Since manufacturing existed and information was documented…

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Knowing What Goes on in Your Supply Chain Enables Sustainability 1024 683 Specright Specright

Knowing what you have enables sustainability -by Matthew Wright | Founder & CEO Matthew WrightFounder and CEO of Specright The conversation and drive to be green/sustainable is a critical item on the priority list impacting everybody’s future. Those that want to be change agents are having a hard time gaining meaningful traction and are finding…

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Reflections from Pack Expo 2017 1024 462 Specright Specright

Reflections from Pack Expo 2017 Now that the dust has settled, here are the trends and themes we heard at the world’s largest packaging trade show 29,000 attendees convened in Las Vegas for Pack Expo from September 25-27, 2017 Packaging professionals are tired of old software systems and incomplete information. Suppliers want to be on…

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Packaging: Turning a liability into an asset 150 150 Specright Specright

Packaging: Turning a liability into an asset -by Matthew Wright | Founder & CEO Matthew WrightFounder and CEO of Specright Packaging can be an asset in lowering your costs and increasing speed to market. Buyers of packaging agree that packaging costs too much and the process is too complex. Vendors agree that they don’t make…

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Green Packaging Requires Technology 1024 683 Specright Specright

Efficiency in green progress requires technology -by Matthew Wright | Founder & CEO Matthew WrightFounder and CEO of Specright The rough definition of “green packaging” is using the lightest material, made from the least impactful source, highest recycled content, locally made with a low carbon footprint, procured and produced in the most efficient system. That’s…

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