New Feature: Normalization Engine

Posted on March 22, 2017
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Specright makes standardizing packaging data easy

-by Matthew Wright | Founder & CEO

Most packaging engineers I talk with agree that there is a gap between where their packaging data is today and where they would like it to be. Specright can help close that gap. We have tools that make it easy to standardize packaging specs.

In addition to offering a web-based platform to store your packaging data, Specright also has a Normalization Engine that standardizes your packaging specs for you. This is a people-driven service that is extended through software.

Specright Packaging Engineers will take your packaging data and, with the help of our Normalization Engine, turn it into searchable, cloud-based component specs available to all internal and external stakeholders.

Whether you think you need a new spec system or not, this is an incredibly valuable exercise that everyone who makes or grows a product should engage in. We have guided companies with spec counts ranging from 250 to well over 100,000 specs. If finding a spec is a treasure hunt in your current system I encourage you to speak with us. Face it, Bad Data = Bad Everything. Even if you don’t use Specright’s platform, our team would be happy to advise you as you begin the regularization process.

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Matthew Wright is the Founder and CEO of Specright,
the spec system for the digital world.