Simple Packaging Specification Creation for Packaging Engineers

Posted on January 25, 2017
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Packaging Specification Creation

Packaging Engineers can quickly create specs using Specright

Specright’s Specification Data Management solution makes it easy for packaging engineers and technologists to streamline packaging specification creation. With Specright,  users can quickly and efficiently search, find or create new specifications from scratch or from existing specs, all while keeping key stakeholders in sync. Our solution saves packaging engineers valuable time wasted on unnecessary work. This enables them to transition from a reactive service provider to a proactive business partner.

Packaging Specification Creation – Fast & Simple

Here are just a few examples of how Specright’s solution can streamline the packaging spec creation process for packaging technologists:

  1. Easy spec creation: Creating new specs are fast with our Like Item Finder and pre-built packaging commodity templates. Identify already existing similar items by packaging type, style, and dimensions Get full revision control and intelligent reporting on important issues such as material reduction, quality and SKU consolidation.
  2. Keep downstream stakeholders in sync: Efficiently collaborate on new package development, artwork, and revisions, all while keeping stakeholders (regulatory, marketing, print houses, suppliers, etc.) in sync. Reporting and activity reports keep everyone accountable and lean out process timelines.
  3. Fast specification creation: Bulk up-load your specifications from any CSV file. Create new specs from 1-click cloning. Use Specright’s engineering services team to upload specs from any format or system into Specright. Have access to prebuilt and custom created templates.

To find more ways how Specright makes it easy for companies to get control over their packaging specs enabling them to streamline operations and ultimately reduces costs, read more here.

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If your company is using outdated technology like PDF files, spreadsheets or inflexible ERP solutions to manage your packaging/label specs, consider the Specright Specification Data Management Platform. Our customers use Specright’s Exchange to share accurate, approved specs with suppliers real-time, reducing their risks for recalls due to improper packaging/labels.

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