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hazardous materials being checked by person in hazmat suit
Managing Regulatory Risks in the Dangerous Goods Industry
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The hazardous products industry has one major advantage: Because of the dangerous nature of the goods and the complex regulatory requirements that come with them, competition is often limited. Only the true best of the best can make it past the myriad of compliance hurdles. Unfortunately, this same advantage can also be considered one of…

Achieve True Version Control with Specification Management Software
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You’d be hard-pressed to find a product from 20 years ago that exists in the exact same form today. Advancements, technology and trends all play a role for product changes and improvements. Even the most successful food and beverage products find themselves undergoing formula changes, new packaging and artwork, and adjustments to portion and package…

Specright Announces Partnership with the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP)
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Irvine, CA (February 1, 2021) Specright, the leader in Specification Management software, announced today that it is now an Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) Gold Partner.  Integral to this partnership, Specright will work with IoPP to educate their members on effectively using Specification Management software to not only manage specs, but drive critical business initiatives…

cannabis leaf and oil
Supply Chain Management in the Booming Cannabis Industry
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The cannabis market going into 2021 has never been stronger. The industry is expected to climb to $73.6 billion in the U.S. alone by 2026, and its economic impact may hit $130 billion by 2024. But the industry’s boom can’t overshadow the many challenges for manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. Regulatory compliance and legal requirements have…

pharmaceutical products on shelves
What the Rise in Private Label Means for Manufacturers
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Store brands have gotten quite the makeover in recent years, regarding both packaging and appearance, evidenced by consumer sentiment. Today, more than 65% of consumers believe that buying a private label store brand is a savvy alternative to a name brand. What’s more, a report from Thomas Net notes that private label sourcing activity has…

Specright Partners with Chainalytics for Packaging and Supply Chain Expertise
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Irvine, CA (January 8, 2021) – Specright, the leader in Specification Management software, has announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Chainalytics, a global leader in data-driven supply chain consulting and package engineering, to maximize the value it provides to Specright users. Following a successful year of working together, Specright and Chainalytics…

TOPS integration
Specright Announces Integration with TOPS to Enable More Cost-Effective Packaging and Distribution
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Irvine, CA January 06, 2021 — Specright, the first purpose built platform for Specification Management, announced an integration with TOPS, the market leader in Palletization Optimization and Design Software. TOPS enables companies to better optimize how products get packaged and palletized so brands can fit more products in fewer shipments. This ultimately saves companies money…

pharmacist scanning box
Regulatory Challenges in Pharmaceutical Packaging and How to Address Them
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The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t allow room for error.  This is the case not just for product quality, but also how products are packaged and labeled. Packaging is highly regulated around the world to ensure products are safe from contamination and tampering, as well as to ensure critical information related to dosage, usage, manufacturing, expirations, and…

Reducing Regulatory Risk in the Cosmetic Industry with Product Specification Management
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The cosmetics industry often comes under fire from consumers since products do not need FDA approval before entering the market.  However, that doesn’t mean cosmetics aren’t strictly regulated.  There are a number of cosmetics regulations companies are required to follow. What’s more, companies still have an ethical and legal responsibility to properly label their products…

Regulatory Challenges in Packaging: Meeting the Needs of Food and Beverage Manufacturers
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The food and beverage industry is heavily scrutinized by the FDA, not just in terms of the ingredients you use but also in the way your products are packaged. Because packaging comes in direct contact with the product, food and beverage manufacturers have to follow strict requirements to ensure quality and safety for consumers.  Packaging…