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product development
Is Your Next Big Product Hiding in Your Data?
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New product inspiration comes from every angle. Sometimes, you’ll find it in your customer feedback surveys, product ratings, or reviews. Other times, you need to look no further than your sales numbers or your competition. One thing that each of these sources have in common — they’re driven by data.  If you have a great…

Navigating the “Fuzzy” Front End of Product Innovation
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One of the greatest inhibitors to product development is the inability to capture and track ideas.  Thomas Edison said it himself, “The lightbulb is an invention with 1,000 steps.” During the early stages of product development, Edison tried 1,000 different ideas before finding one that worked.  But this shouldn’t mean it takes 1,000 steps to…

supply chain digitization
Supply Chain Digitization is Vital to the Future of COVID-19 Vaccinations
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Welcome to the age of information, where you can access your entire supply chain at the touch of a button, every asset has a digital twin, and the fate of the COVID-19 vaccine depends on how well we manage our specifications.  COVID-19 and the Supply Chain In the average supply chain, there’s a lot to…

product development
3 Ways Your Supply Chain Can Impede Product Development
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You’ve got a million-dollar idea. But unfortunately, that isn’t enough to launch a successful product. Now, it’s a matter of determining its viability in the market, and much of your success comes down to how well your supply chain functions. Time to market, costs, and how you respond to shifts in market demand can make…

supply chain network
Build a Resilient Supplier Network with Supply Chain Master Data Management
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If there’s ever a time to fix glaring inefficiencies in the supply chain, it’s now.  To be fair, COVID-19 did not create the supply chain issues like slow global lead times, product shortages, geopolitical restrictions, and logistics disruptions that many industries are currently experiencing. Rather, it further exposed and amplified poor sourcing strategies and distribution…

global data management
How to Compete Globally with Master Data Management for Supply Chains
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Supply chain agility has never been a greater focus than right now. For many retailers, distributors, and manufacturers, the global pandemic has served as one of the most important lessons in demonstrating the need for flexibility, transparency, and the ability to shift quickly in response to changing markets.  There isn’t a manufacturer or company that…

Expectations of Food Traceability Increase as FDA Releases New FSMA Rule
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As the FDA further refines the Food Safety Blueprint released earlier this year, more detailed rules and regulations have emerged. At the end of September, the FDA proposed a new rule that increases traceability of “high-risk” foods, i.e. foods that easily spoil or have allergens. The new rule is both a part of the New…

Here’s 3 Ways You Can Turn Customer Complaints into Your Next Great Product
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Businesses spend lots of money to understand their customers. From focus groups to feedback surveys and reviews, product development teams usually focus on what customers want.  But when it comes to complaints, customers typically find themselves in a blackhole of customer service representatives. A study by Harvard Business Review found that customers who have a…

Why Supplier Collaboration Is the Only Viable Future for Procurement
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In times of uncertainty, are two heads better than one? In cases like procurement, the answer is a resounding yes! COVID-19 has shown us the dangers of not being forward-thinking when it comes to the supply chain system. No one saw the effects of a pandemic coming, but once the supply chain was disrupted, many…

How to Leverage Data Management to Manage the Modern Supply Chain
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Maximizing supply chain efficiency has never been a more pressing need than in 2020. At the heart of efficiency is data — it is only possible to use and improve with the right information. Without good data management, supply chain partners are left in the dark about what’s happening and what to expect next.    The…