Grimmway Farms Drives Continuous Innovation with Specright

Posted on December 15, 2016
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Grimmway FarmsStarting as a simple produce stand in 1968, Grimmway Farms has grown into an agriculture powerhouse. The largest grower, producer and shipper of carrots in the world, Grimmway Farms has now expanded into other markets such as potatoes and various organic crops. Grimmway Farms is committed to offering unsurpassed quality, innovative products and packaging and extensive sustainability practices.

Under the “Grimmway Farms” brand are many other brand names, including: Bunny-Luv, Cal-Organic, King Pak and TRUE Organic Juice. With each new addition to a product line comes a new logo and brand image, making managing packaging production chaotic and cumbersome. Between flexible packages for carrots and potatoes, recyclable plastic bottles for organic juices, and corrugated shippers for all products, there are many packaging specifications that need to remain updated.


Innovation requires rapid change and decision-making, however most companies do not have the support required to do so. Specright provided Grimmway Farms with the ultimate solution to drive innovation: engineering services, plus the packaging cloud platform.  Specright delivers certified packaging specifications for all Grimmway Farms products, and stores them in a centralized, accessible location. Now, all of Grimmway Farms packaging specifications are accessible with just a click of a mouse – and they are always accurate and up to date.

Today, Grimmway Farms is larger than ever. By partnering with Specright, they are experiencing tremendous time and cost savings through transitioning business amongst suppliers, and increased efficiency during changes to their packaging production process. Business is easier and smoother with specright.

Jason Higbee, Director of Materials Management, Grimmway Farms says this about Specright, “In retrospect, Specright was a no-brainer. The transition was simple, cost savings have been dramatic, and we’ve experienced a collective enhancement across our supply chain.”

If your company is using outdated technology like PDF files, spreadsheets or inflexible ERP solutions to manage your packaging/label specs, consider the Specright Specification Data Management Platform. Our customers use Specright’s Exchange to share accurate, approved specs with suppliers real-time, reducing their risks for recalls due to improper packaging/labels. Plus, our packaging Engineering Services team can perform audits of your packaging on a regular basis.

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Rebecca Janzon is Marketing Manager for Specright. She has 20+ years in experience in the areas marketing/communications/PR working in marketing roles at SKF, Atlas Copco, Nobel Biocare and Cochlear. She brings a wealth of knowledge in SaaS, engineering services, computer software, and the medical devices segments.