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Posted on July 18, 2016
  • July 18, 2016
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Is finding packaging specs a treasure hunt?

Have you ever created a new spec instead of spending all that time searching for an existing item? Specright can help make that a thing of the past with Searchability.

Watch a quick demo video on Specright’s Search Tools.

You expect instant answers when you’re searching. Specright solves data access problems with lightning fast search that delivers instant and relevant results from the first keystroke. Specright has a dynamic Quick Search interface on the home screen and a Global Search bar at the top of every page that uses keywords or anything else you can think of.

Plus, the Like Item Finder makes it easy for you to quickly find similar packaging specs. This tool is ideal for harmonization/consolidation projects and perfect for finding a substitute in an out-of-stock situation.

At Specright, we hear all the time from companies that are trying to manage their packaging specifications using some type of manual or computerized system that was not designed to manage specs. The problem with these methods is that they don’t solve the real problems associated with packaging spec management.

The results of using manual systems are inefficiencies and higher costs to your business, including:

  • Capture, transfer, and maintenance of specs is time-consuming resulting in inconsistencies that lead to poor quality.
  • Data is not connected or searchable making component portfolio visibility, standardization and efficiency/cost savings extremely challenging and time-consuming.
  • High administrative focus results in restrictions on resources, mistakes, quality issues and resulting higher costs to the business.
  • Slower speed to market due to re-inventing the wheel and wasted time on spec creation and duplication.
  • Difficult or impossible to run analytical reports that could enable significant cost-savings.

To really get control over packaging specs and the costs associated with not having them under control, companies need a technology platform designed to manage, store and easily share information internally and externally.   Plus, they need easy to use reporting solutions to assist in analyzing this information to improve efficiency, increase sustainability and reduce costs.

At Specright, we believe specifications should include all details necessary to bid, manufacture, assemble, pack, ship, etc. This includes the structural attributes, print & artwork details, purchasing information, logistics requirements, finished good BOMs, and all related documents. And, we believe that all this data should be searchable.  That’s why we built a metadata driven intelligent platform that provides companies the intelligence to effectively manage packaging specs efficiently and effectively – reducing costs across the supply chain.

With Specright, packaging record types, such as flexible, corrugated, and closure include attribute fields relevant to the associated packaging components.  Each of these distinct records is metadata and as metadata, it is searchable and can be analyzed through our powerful reporting features.  Additionally, Specright is built on a single point of record, which means that the data, no matter what, is stored only once.  Specs can be linked to other specs as BOMs and sub-assemblies, but since the spec is stored in one location – update it once and it is updated across all connected items!

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Maybe the best feature of a metadata driven intelligent platform is the ability to run reports based on any attribute or action.  Using the built-in analytics in Specright, our customers are able to run numerous real-time reports, such as:

  • Packaging Waste Measurement
  • Materials Usage & Optimization
  • Like Size Consolidation
  • Sustainability & Recycled Content Assessment
  • Spec Additions
  • Spec Status
  • And dozens more…

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With Specright, companies are in control of their mission critical packaging specification data and can drive cost reductions associated with packaging bids, improving operations, reducing returns, and protecting their brand.