Specright: Then & Now

  • May 8, 2018
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Specright: Then & Now

Specright was founded a few years ago with the bold vision to eliminate the inefficiencies due to poor packaging specification management. We had a goal of standardizing specifications and a mission to create an easier way to store, share, and analyze packaging data. Since our launch in 2015, we’ve made huge strides in our offerings and have experienced immense growth.

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If you looked at Specright years ago, we’ve changed quite a bit since then. We would love to get in touch again so we can discuss how Specright can best serve you.

When we launched, we started with two commodities: corrugated and flexible packaging. Today, we have over 30 different packaging templates. Now, our customers are also managing raw materials, ingredients, formulas, and finished goods on Specright.

As we’ve grown, we have leaned on our customer insights and requests to drive product development. Our Agriculture customers pushed us to further develop Specright for packaging bids.  Specright’s Food & Beverage customers led the product towards managing ingredient supplier relationships and nutrition facts in Specright. You can now properly track regulatory and certification data due to our customers in the Chemicals industry.

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Today, procurement departments can execute RFQ’s and manage supplier documents. Quality Assurance groups can record audits, complete closed loop supplier corrective action requests, and analyze historical QA performance. Supply Chain divisions can manage everything from inventory to inbound & outbound logistics. R&D and NPD groups can create formulas and seamlessly connect raw ingredients to finished goods.

And of course Packaging Engineers have a suite of tools at their fingertips to make it easier to find similar packaging items, understand the impact of changes on Bill of Materials, collaborate with suppliers, and much more.

We have always been committed to continuously innovating our platform to ensure it provides the most effective way to control packaging specifications. We’ve recently developed interactive, intelligent tools that better help achieve this: VX is a robust vendor lookup tool; IQ provides automated recommendations based on your packaging – including cost-savings, optimization, and sustainability.

If you haven’t looked at Specright in a while, then we should probably talk again. Get in touch today – www.specright.com/contact

Published on: Tuesday, May 8, 2018