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Packaging Survey Results 720 405 Specright Specright

Announcing the results of the 2016 Packaging Survey Presented at ISTA | 2017 TransPack Forum -by Matthew Wright | Founder & CEO Thank you so much to everyone who participated and provided their input in the 2016 Packaging Survey. We’ve officially closed the survey and have all of the data now. The greatest pain points in…

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The Packaging Expert Series Presents: Matthew Wright 720 405 Specright Specright

Thoughts on a Trillion Dollar, World-Impacting Industry -by Matthew Wright | Founder & CEO Matthew WrightFounder and CEO of Specright Packaging affects every corner of the globe and has a massive impact on the way we live. Packaging is one of only a handful of industries that if it came to an end the world…

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The Packaging Expert Series Presents: Dr. Jay Singh 720 405 Specright Specright

Packaging value chain The wide variety of package types available throughout the world is due to the evolution of related supply channels. -by Dr. Jay Singh [originally posted in Packaging World] Jay SinghPackaging Program DirectorOrfalea College of BusinessCal Poly State University With an increase in mass production of goods and related packaging, management processes such as…

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Specright raises funding to bring technology to packaging industry 206 77 Specright Specright

Specright raises round to fix the user experience in packaging. -by Matthew Wright | Founder & CEO Specright secures funding for packaging spec system Today we are thrilled to announce that Specright has secured funding from Mucker Capital, Okapi Venture Capital, and Fika Ventures to deliver enhanced packaging supplier management tools and supply chain analytics.…

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