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Smart supply chain

Is Your Supply Chain Smart and Sustainable? 1024 683 Specright Specright

As technology gets smarter, so do all of the components, processes, and industries affected by it. The goal of adopting smart technology is to enable a better way to share information in real time to aid in collaboration. This often takes the form of automation and AI, but it can also include the unification of…

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specification management

What is Specification Management Software? 1024 498 Specright Specright

As companies look to digitize supply chains, Specification Management is filling an important gap in enterprise technology  Defining specification management For years, companies managed the data needed to make products in spreadsheets or legacy systems. But growing product portfolios and supply chain complexity made managing and sharing data using outdated methods unsustainable.  Unfortunately, legacy systems…

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How Supplier Collaboration Leads to Better Packaging Development 1024 683 Specright Specright

Can the supply chain succeed without strong collaboration? Many businesses that have successfully united all aspects of their supply chain while achieving a sum greater than its parts would argue that collaboration is a must. Collaboration is an opportunity to align your company’s suppliers with its core mission and objectives, ensuring that each moving part…

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