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“Chat with Matt” – Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain×-900-px-1024x576.png 1024 576 Specright Specright×-900-px-1024x576.png

Anyone who knows me, I don’t think would describe me as overly chatty. But, somehow now I host a session called “Chat with Matt.” It all began when a Specright customer asked, “Would it be possible to have an event on the first day of User Group, so we can travel in early and have…

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A Mission to Reverse Climate Change through Food 750 563 Specright Specright

When I began working with Post Holdings, Inc., in January 2020, like many of us, I didn’t know the world was about to change dramatically. At the time, I thought it was risky enough trying to disrupt the snacking industry with breakthrough agriculture technology, then when COVID-19 hit, I thought we probably need to wait…

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An Event Chair’s Perspective: The Specification Management Summit 768 1024 Specright Specright

A few months ago, when I was approached by Specright to Chair the first Specification Management Summit, I was shocked. “Why me?” “What does it mean to even be a Chair?” “What is the commitment?” These were just a few of the questions that ran through my head as I weighed whether I would say…

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My 3 Takeaways from the first Specification Management Summit 900 600 Specright Specright

This post was originally published on LinkedIn.  The first Specification Management Summit is in the books! After taking some time to reflect on the event and all the presentations from so many amazing speakers, I wanted to share my top three takeaways. Specification Management Has Reached the C-Suite I’ve been talking about the importance of…

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Data Innovation and Thought Leadership Take Center Stage at the First Specification Management Summit 1024 683 Specright Specright

What a week it has been! We hosted the first Specification Management Summit at the brand new Thompson Hotel in downtown Austin, Texas. It was three days packed with content ranging from customers taking a spec-first approach to their data strategy, industry trends like sustainability and supply chain digitization, product demos, and exciting announcements.  As…

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Cut Private Label Supply Chain Costs with Master Data Management 1024 576 Specright Specright

Holding onto older legacy systems as a cost-cutting strategy can often do more harm than good. Retail consultancy S4RB found that just a 10% loss in productivity from not having proper systems in place could cost as much as $5 million annually. The shortcomings of traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in supply chain master data…

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4 Hidden Challenges in the Food and Beverage Supply Chain and How to Manage Them 1024 687 Specright Specright

Today’s food and beverage supply chain is a critical piece of infrastructure, ensuring sustainability worldwide. Modern technology has been a key driver to support this ongoing operation, especially as the supply chain is evolving into more of a network rather than a linear model. Technology also plays an important role in helping companies reveal the…

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man at laptop

What is Green Procurement and How Can I Use It to Kickstart Sustainability Goals? 1024 683 Specright Specright

A recent report from Bain and Co compared the COVID-19 pandemic to a dress rehearsal for climate change: the crisis has demonstrated a need to “build resilience to deal with low probability scenarios.” Sustainability is increasingly becoming a key focus for businesses across industries. Despite the effects of the pandemic, where businesses shifted from long-term…

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hazardous materials being checked by person in hazmat suit

Managing Regulatory Risks in the Dangerous Goods Industry 1024 683 Specright Specright

The hazardous products industry has one major advantage: Because of the dangerous nature of the goods and the complex regulatory requirements that come with them, competition is often limited. Only the true best of the best can make it past the myriad of compliance hurdles. Unfortunately, this same advantage can also be considered one of…

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cannabis leaf and oil

Supply Chain Management in the Booming Cannabis Industry 1024 683 Specright Specright

The cannabis market going into 2021 has never been stronger. The industry is expected to climb to $73.6 billion in the U.S. alone by 2026, and its economic impact may hit $130 billion by 2024. But the industry’s boom can’t overshadow the many challenges for manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. Regulatory compliance and legal requirements have…

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