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If you get the spec right, the rest follows

Our Customers say Specright's Specification Management Solution is Easy to Use and Intuitive

In an interview with Paul Gray, Quality Assurance Director at Central Garden and Pet, he said that using Specright's Specification Management solution was just like clicking an 'easy button.' Our solution platform and suite of solutions allow companies to easily manage their specifications in one place and collaborate between teams, both internally and across their supply chain.

The 'easy button' is the perfect analogy to show that with the click of a button, companies can stop chasing static data and start making amazing, sustainable things.

To learn a little more about why Specright is the only ‘easy button’ Paul Gray and his team need we decided to chat with him some more.

Right off the bat, Paul saw how Specright’s Specification Management solution made life easier for his team because they no longer had to search through endless lists and static information to make sure they had the right data to share across their supply chain.

This spec-first approach was key for time and money savings!

Paul and his team at Central Garden & Pet have been using Specright for almost 4 years now. They began with the Packaging Specification Management module, but quickly realized all the other specification data they could be tracking and optimizing in Specright’s solution suite. 

From packaging and raw materials to finished good specifications, manufacturing instructions, and regulatory testing, Central Garden & Pet found they could manage it all in one easy-to-use, intuitive platform. This was something they had never been able to do before.

And, that’s why Paul calls Specright their ‘easy button!’

“Being able to put all the information you need in one location, gives us one source of truth for everybody in the company. And, you know you can trust that information because it is the only source of truth,” said Paul. 

Did you know managing your specification data could be this easy?

For years, companies have overlooked the importance of properly managing their specification data – but it no longer has to be this way, In the age of technology, supply chain complexity, and innovation, it is key that companies have the proper tools for managing their data. 

This way, they can spend less time chasing data, and more time making amazing, sustainable things.

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