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A marketplace for buyers to discover and vendors to be discovered
For Vendors

What if your next customer found you?

For vendors, courting a new customer can be a long and expensive process. What if your customers found you? With VX, you can list your capabilities and seamlessly connect with purchase-ready customers. Spend less time on acquisition and more time on retention.

With millions of accurate packaging specs on Specright, bidding on new business has never been easier.

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For Buyers

What if you could quickly find the perfect vendor?

For goods-producing companies, finding a new supplier can mean launching a complex, months-long process. It doesn’t have to be that way. With VX, you can quickly find suppliers that meet your needs – whether it’s by proximity or capability, your new partner is only a click away.

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List Your Company on VX in 3 Steps

Quickly get up and running with our VX intake process

Select Capabilities

Answer a few simple questions about your manufacturing capabilities, from corrugate to printing.

Provide Details

Make sure the right sales contact is provided along with basic machine line information to match specs.

Get Verified

Once your information is complete, your VX vendor profile is set up, verified, and live on Specright.

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Learn more about the benefits of VX and how to get started.

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