Specright & Academia

At Specright, we are passionate about preparing the next generation workforce for the Packaging and Supply Chain industries. That's why we partner with the nation's top university packaging programs to empower the students and provide them with the resources needed to succeed.

Supporting Packaging Engineers of the Future
As part of Specright’s leadership role in Specification Management, we partner with the top packaging programs in the United States. Our Specification Management solution is the “software-of-record” for specifications and testing to hundreds of students graduating as packaging engineers each year.
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Who We Work With
Technology in Action - Michigan State University
With remote instruction becoming a reality during the COVID-19 pandemic, Michigan State University professor, Patrick McDavid, needed a solution to digitizing his packaging testing coursework. Enter ISTA PackSight, powered by Specright, one of the first the digital testing platforms. Learn how McDavid was able to deliver an educational experience closer to what students may face in industry, all on PackSight.
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ISTA Packsight

The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) has partnered with Specright to create PackSight. Built on top of Specright’s powerful Specification Data Management™ platform, PackSight enables packaging and supply chain professionals to select, collect and analyze ISTA tests online.

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Spec Academy

Specright launched Spec Academy in 2022 as the first certification program for Specification Management. Spec Academy enables your teams to become Specification Management experts.

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