The Industrial Spec-First Journey

Learn how Specright can help you improve collaboration across your supply chain to increase traceability, quality, and compliance, all while addressing your customer’s demands with innovative and sustainable products and packaging.

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Spec-First Digital Transformation

To thrive in today’s uncertain market you need to digitize your spec data and stop running your business off spreadsheets, email and static documents.


  • Patented data ingestion technology to get your specs digitized quickly
  • Workflows and approvals to increase data accuracy
  • Duplicate Spec Rules to reduce spec proliferation

Better Business Insights For Your Workforce

Increase your operational efficiency by providing insights throughout your product lifecycle from ideation to recycling & reuse.


  • Track trends before they become quality issues or recalls
  • Many-to-many links between product data, packaging and suppliers provides full product transparency
  • Integrated supplier data with specs allows designers to make the right decision based on cost, availability and sustainability
“With our old system, we were just sending spreadsheets back and forth, which left plenty of room for error. Now, everything’s entered and tracked in Specright, so it’ll pop up on the dashboards - it’s just right there ready to go and doesn't have to be sought out or searched through.”
Nathan Shinault
Packaging Engineer, Denso

Easy Ideation for Products and Packaging

Build your complete product, including components, packaging, label, formula and raw materials all in one BOM.


  • Save cost by including approved existing items in your new design
  • Quickly ideate a new version or new product by cloning existing items
  • Collaborate with colleagues directly in Specright to link ideas with your new designs

Increase Your Brand with Responsible Packaging and Products

Go beyond tracking and managing your sustainability metrics - know the environmental impact of your products and packaging before they go to market.


  • Perform LCA analysis during design
  • Track sustainability in real-time
  • Accelerate EPR reporting
  • Increase sustainable business insights

Driving Continuous Improvement

Automotive packaging presents many challenges when it comes to managing it – from extremely high transportation and warehousing costs, to long lead times for procurement and purchasing.

Learn why Denso chose Specright to better plan and allocate primary and backup packaging to avoid costly errors and delays with shipping and warehousing.

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View Case StudyView Case Study
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Industrial Companies Improve Data Accuracy and Reporting with Specright

Jeffrey Hunsaker, Regional Quality and Packaging Manager for Caterpillar, discusses the benefits of implementing Specright's Specification Data Management platform, including data accuracy, completeness, and reporting.


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