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Strategic partnerships provide our customers the most comprehensive and integrated Specification Management experience

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Building the Specification Management Ecosystem
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Partnering with Industry Innovators
In any digital transformation journey, you can’t go it alone. Specright partners with the leading technology companies to drive innovation and broader adoption of Specification Management.

Our partners include:
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“Our partnership with Specright means companies can essentially hit an ‘easy button’ and get the data they need to perform LCAs all the time, not just ad hoc. This enables data-driven decisions throughout a product’s lifecycle when it comes to sustainability.”
Prashant Jagtap
Founder & CEO, TRAYAK
“Now, through our partnership with Specright, companies can focus on upfront data requirements and have confidence that what they are reporting is comprehensive and accurate.”
Michelle Carvell
Chief Operating Officer, Lorax EPI
“Specright and SAP have significant customer overlap so integrating our solutions is extremely valuable to our current and future customers.”
Kange Kaneene
VP, SAP.iO Foundries North & Latin America
Channel & Implementation Partners
Technology Partners
Academia Partners
Industry Partners
A Roadmap for Integration Best Practices
A digital, single source of truth for specifications can unlock many possibilities for your company. But this transformation won't be possible if the solution isn’t compatible with your existing tools.

Download the eBook to learn how integrations will set your organization up for success, best practice tips and tricks, and how Specright can innovate and transform your business by integrating quickly and efficiently.
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Discover the Value of the Specification Management Ecosystem

As the first patented, cloud-based solution for Specification Management, Specright is leading the way in digital transformation for companies making amazing, sustainable things.

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