Food and Beverage Specification Management Solution

Specright improves collaboration across your supply chain to increase traceability, quality, and compliance, while addressing your customer’s demands with innovative and sustainable products and packaging.

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Traceability from Farm to Finished Goods

Digitize and control raw materials, ingredients, formulas, finished goods, packaging and suppliers all in a secure, single source-of-truth.


  • Increase transparency and history tracking  
  • Reduce mislabeling and recalls
  • Simplify regulatory compliance
  • Decrease duplicate SKUs

Agility to Meet Customer Demands

Quickly design the next version of your product or bring something new and innovative to market, all while tracking trends and turning data into actionable insights.


  • Easily ideate in projects
  • Material optimization to reduce costs
  • Increase reuse for new designs
  • Simplify purchasing and procurement
“I no longer have to search for information and validate the source - I grab the information I need from Specright and move on with my project.”
Laura Berlanga
Product Innovation & Research Manager, Ocean Mist Farms

Proactive Quality Throughout Your Supply Chain

Enable visibility with a standardized approach to link quality records and corrective actions to suppliers and specs across your enterprise and supply chain.


  • Identify supplier risks faster
  • Track trends before they become issues
  • Improve collaboration with suppliers in one central hub
  • Increase transparency and accountability

Achieve Your Sustainability Goals

Go beyond tracking and managing your sustainability metrics - know the environmental impact of your products and packaging before they go to market.


  • Perform LCA analysis during design
  • Track sustainability in real-time
  • Accelerate EPR reporting
  • Increase sustainable business insights

Food Specification Trends Driving Change

The emergence of online grocery, consumer desire for better ingredients, and increased labeling requirements has put pressure on the food & beverage industry to deliver.

While these trends are achievable by big and small brands alike, legacy systems and processes prohibit innovation.

With Specright, we take care of managing specification data and automating processes so you can spend less time on process and more time on your products.

Greg Roskos talks about why Specification Data Management™ is the solution to the challenges he faced in the food & beverage industry.

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How Food & Beverage Companies Improve Supplier Collaboration with a Spec-First Approach

Brittny Ohr, Director of Product Management, Sugar Foods Corp., shares the benefits of taking a spec-first approach to supplier collaboration.

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