How to Define Your Company Goals for Sustainable Packaging

In today's rapidly evolving marketplace with heightened consumer sustainability awareness and increased EPR regulations, shifting to more sustainable packaging is critical. Companies are facing unprecedented pressure to adopt environmentally conscious packaging strategies. While this can be a challenging task, data management systems facilitate the process by offering tools that not only ensure compliance with regulations, but also enhance brand reputation and strategy.

Katie Exum
Project Success Manager, Specright

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"Understanding your baseline is extremely important. You need to understand what you have, how much, and what things are made of. Then you have to go back to regulations. If you don't have all the initial information, it's hard to move forward. It is hard to understand where to focus your goals."

Kevin Davis

Packaging Engineering Director, Dermalogica

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Katie Exum

Katie Exum is a Product Manager at Specright, the leader in Specification Data Management. Katie has a background in packaging engineering, where she worked in the food & beverage industry, followed by consumer electronics at Amazon. She pivoted to working in data management at Specright, where she added experience in customer onboarding, then strategic partnerships, before transitioning into product management. Across all of her roles, Katie’s passion for sustainability has been an incorporated into her work. 

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