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Focus on ideation, improving quality, and reducing the time to bring new products to market as opposed to spending time searching for data.

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Transform Through Disruption

Digitalization of specification data for companies marketing and manufacturing cosmetics is the first step needed to stay competitive in this fast-paced industry.


  • Simplify the ideation process and increase speed to new market entry
  • Reduce incidents related to recalls
  • Reduce SKU proliferation

Improve the Quality of Your Products

Compile data faster for regulatory and sustainable compliance and reporting, while tracking the history of everything going into your products.


  • Reduce costs associated with defects
  • Reduce regulatory risks
  • Increase transparency with consumers
"As we add more specs and run them against sales, we can see what truly adds value. In typical sales by catalog or contract manufacturing, it’s hard to move past someone saying, “I feel.” With Specright, we can see if the data supports a change or not. Being able to review specs with sales data is changing the way we do business.”
Molly Fiedler
Chief Innovation Officer, Kira Labs

Keep Your Specs in Compliance with MoCRA Regulations

The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA) was passed in December 2022, and is the first major amendment to the FDA's cosmetics regulatory framework in 85 years. This regulation will require compliance from cosmetic suppliers in areas such as good manufacturing practices, mandatory ingredient listings, allergen transparency, and more.

Specright’s Specification Data Management platform was designed as a single source of truth for critical product and packaging data. By taking a spec-first approach to data management, companies can manage all of the above in the Specright platform.

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Increase Collaboration within  Your Supply Chain

Capturing data across all specifications in a centralized system provides reporting on what is being used across all products today, and enables intelligent business decisions on consolidation within your supply chain and contract manufacturers.


  • Simplify purchasing and procurement
  • Improve supplier compliance
  • Increase accuracy in supplier data

Take Action on Sustainability

Capturing data in a centralized system provides reporting on what is being used across all products today and enables intelligent business decisions on consolidation and elimination of non–sustainable materials and ingredients.


  • Increase your brand reputation
  • Perform LCA and cost assessment during ideation
  • Accelerate EPR reporting

Kira Labs Enables Fast Beauty Product Development

Kira Labs is a leading marketer and manufacturer of beauty innovations, featured in more than 10,000 stores and 100 countries around the world.

Learn how they've used Specright to drastically reduce the NPD cycle and increase  collaboration across sales, operations, and product development teams.

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View Case StudyView Case Study
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The Benefits for Beauty Companies of a Digitized Specification Management Platform

Steve Cholowsky, Executive Director of Global Packaging, Sustainability, Value Engineering, and Technical Services at Avon, talks about the pain points his team has had without a digitized and optimized Specification Management system, including streamlined reporting for things like Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and sustainability, data accuracy, and visibility.


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