SDM for Sustainability

Our patented Specification Data Management™ (SDM) platform enables Year Over Year (YoY) sustainability analysis across products and suppliers, rapid Life Cycle Assessments at any phase of the product development cycle, and seamless sustainability reporting.

What Sustainability Experts Say
"With EPR, you're going to start paying for the expense of disposing of this package that you created, you sold, you made profit on."
John Blake
Senior Director / Analyst, Gartner
“Now it takes me longer to draft an email to my co-manufacturers than it does to actually run a report and export the quality data to send them. It's literally a click of a button."
Jennifer Blaser
Senior Quality Manager, Soylent

Take Control of Your Product & Packaging Sustainability Data with YoY Reporting

The foundation for sustainability starts with data.

Manage all the data you need to make things in one place – gather data from suppliers, enabling you to run a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and collaborate in a single source of truth, manage development from idea to commercialization. With a strong data foundation, you can drive material usage reporting, year over year reporting, and set-up ongoing sustainability guardrails.

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Report on Scope 3 Emissions by Gathering Supplier Data

Gain visibility into the sustainability of your supply chain partners.

With Specright, you can gather critical data from suppliers to run an LCA, and understand the environmental impact of your products at the component and finished good level. You can also identify areas of improvement and collaborate with suppliers to implement sustainable practices across your value chain.

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Run Life Cycle Assessments in Minutes

Know the environmental impact of your products and packaging

Today, it takes companies months to run LCAs. With Specright, it takes minutes. Specright integrates with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools to determine the impact of your packaging and finished goods. Run LCAs on existing products to see their impact or run LCAs during new product development – and easily compare different concepts to pick the most sustainable one.

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Analytics Help You Drive Sustainability While Reducing Costs

Get recommendations on material substitutions to drive sustainability across your product & packaging portfolio

With Specright IQ, we'll recommend material substitutions and estimate the potential cost impact on your business – all within Specright's specification data management platform.

Increase Your Top-Line, Bottom-Line, and Green-Line Growth

Improved Visibility into Sustainability Metrics
Reduction of Product Waste
Reduction Non-Sustainable Materials Usage
Reduction Transportation Costs
Expanding our Capabilities with Partnerships

Streamline Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Reporting

Quickly push your product and packaging data from Specright into industry-leading EPR software Lorax. Drive comprehensive and accurate reporting to help your business avoid unnecessary taxes and fines and comply with ever-changing country-specific regulations like the UK Plastics Tax, Spain packaging tax, and more.

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Drive Sustainable New Product Development with Specright

Bright Future Foods is on a mission to be one of the first fully carbon negative CPG companies. Learn how they're using Specright to create carbon-negative products using specification data during the NPD process.

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The State of Sustainability Report

Download our State of Sustainability report to see where you stand compared to your peers in supply chain functions when it comes to driving sustainability across your products and packaging.

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All the data you need to make and develop products in one easy-to-use platform

Specright gives brands and suppliers the control over spec data to drive quality, customer delight, and profitability, in one, easy-to-use Specification Management solution.

Packaging Management Software Solutions
Report and improve sustainability, standardize design processes, and rationalize SKUs.
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Product Data Management
Manage raw materials, ingredients, formulas, recipes, BOMs, and finished goods, search specs and related documents, and identify similar specs quickly.
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Product Lifecycle Management & New Product Development
Streamline product management, quickly build out BOMs, and forecast cost formulas.
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SDM for Sustainability
Dashboards and reporting software enforce sustainability requirements, benchmark and track across suppliers, and comply with EPR and the UK plastics tax.
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Supplier Management
Drive traceability and accountability, track supplier performance, and supplier community.
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Quality Management
Drive visibility and traceability, prevent quality issues, and document management and actions.
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Document Management
Document storage, add meta data, manage expirations, rules, and workflows, connect to suppliers, ingredients, products, and BOMs.
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The State of Specification Management Report
In recent years, we’ve seen rapid growth in companies digitizing, centralizing, and collaborating on their specification data. But with this growth, comes lingering challenges -- specifically around legacy software solutions, manual processes, and companies trying to address growing compliance and regulatory pressures.

Read the report to learn why legacy systems like PLMs, ERPs, and non-purpose built solutions are proving insufficient to manage the granular level of specification data. You'll also learn about initiatives companies are taking to address these challenges and optimize their data management.
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Implementation Services

We get it – your data is scattered across your supply chain. Our team of professionals is here to guide you every step of the way so you can take control of your data and get up and running on Specright.

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Spec Academy

Our online certification program teaches you how to use a spec-first approach to supply chain management. Start today and get started on your path to becoming Specification Management Certified.

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