Specification Data Management (SDM) for Sustainability

At Specright, our vision is to live in a world without waste. We help make products and packaging the right way -- every time. Through the digitization of specification data, as well as networking across your enterprise and supply chain, we enable business intelligence and traceability throughout the lifecycle of your items.

Increase Your Top-Line, Bottom-Line, and Green-Line Growth

Improved Visibility into Sustainability Metrics
Reduction of Product Waste
Reduction Non-Sustainable Materials Usage
Reduction Transportation Costs

Take Control of Your Sustainability Data

The foundation for sustainability.

Proactively track and drive the usage of environmentally and social responsibility materials in your packaging and finished goods to meet your company’s sustainability performance targets.

SDM for Sustainability

Build a Resilient, Responsible Supply Chain

Adapt to ever-changing global markets.

Improve visibility and collaboration with suppliers while ensuring certified sourcing by enabling sustainability reports and auditing across your supply chain. Quickly create and share bids with vendors to increase your purchasing agility.

Waste Management and Reduce Costs

Sustainable products and packaging do support corporate goals.

Enforce sustainability initiatives and requirements, get recommendations on material substitutions, and quickly report on raw material usage and cost across products and packaging – all within Specright's specification data management platform for sustainability. Consolidate SKUs, reduce mislabeling and recalls, drive logistical efficiencies, and improve quality to reduce the amount of acceptable waste from your manufacturing processes.

Understand Your Environmental Impact with LCA Tools

Know the environmental impact before making design changes.

Specright can integrate with LCA tools to determine the impact of your packaging - from start to finish - by identifying, quantifying, and assessing all of the activity relating to making, using, and disposing of your packaging.

Expanding our Capabilities with Partnerships

Streamline EPR Reporting Process & Compliance Management

Specright's integration with EPR Engines allows your company to focus on the upfront data collection requirements while delivering the confidence of comprehensive and accurate reporting. These features help your business avoid unnecessary taxes and fines, and provide greater transparency.

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What Sustainability Experts Say
"With EPR, you're going to start paying for the expense of disposing of this package that you created, you sold, you made profit on."
John Blake
Senior Director / Analyst, Gartner
“Now it takes me longer to draft an email to my co-manufacturers than it does to actually run a report and export the quality data to send them. It's literally a click of a button."
Jennifer Blaser
Senior Quality Manager, Soylent
Gartner®: Market Guide for Packaging and Product Specification Management
In this report, you'll learn why outdated and unsupported applications and processes can no longer keep up with corporate growth, increased SKU complexity, and the demands of customers and consumers. It also covers improving time to market, cost savings, and regulatory compliance with a specification management software solution.
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Proactively Driving Sustainable Outcomes with Specright

Bright Future Foods is on a mission to be one of the first fully carbon negative CPG companies. But becoming carbon negative is no easy feat – it takes innovation, creativity, and most of all, extremely detailed specification data management.

View Case Study
View Case Study

Make amazing, sustainable things with Specright

The era of transformational change is upon us, and the pace of change is accelerating rapidly. New, and ever-changing regulations, sourced materials, and consumer preferences demand sustainability, but with little visibility into packaging and supply chain specs, it’s difficult to track, analyze and benchmark metrics. That’s why we conducted a report on the State of Sustainability.

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View Report
All the Data You Need to Make Things Right, Every Time

Specright gives companies and suppliers the visibility to drive quality, customer satisfaction, and profitability, in one, easy-to-use Specification Management software solution.

Our Platform
Implementation Services

We get it – your data is scattered across your supply chain. Our team of professionals is here to guide you every step of the way so you can take control of your data and get up and running on Specright.

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Spec Academy

Our online certification program teaches you how to use a spec-first approach to supply chain management. Start today and get started on your path to becoming Specification Management Certified.

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Specright eliminates heavy administrative workloads so you can focus on making amazing things.
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SDM for Sustainability