Spec Academy

Educating the workforce and academia on Specification Management through the first certification program.

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Spec Academy Is The First Online Education Platform For Specification Management
Specright launched Spec Academy in 2022 as the first certification program for Specification Management. As more and more companies recognize the value of digitizing, automating, and optimizing their specification data, they are also recognizing that their workforce and future workforce have to be experts in managing the DNA-level data of their products and packaging.

Spec Academy will enable your teams to become Specification Management experts.
The Playbook For A Spec-First Approach
Spec Academy’s first course will enable users and broader ecosystem partners to learn the foundations of Specification Management.

Specification data should be the foundation of your data strategy, and enabling your teams to build the knowledge needed to manage this foundation is key to your digital transformation journey.
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Benefits of Spec Academy
  • Upskilling the current workforce
  • Enabling the next generation workforce
  • Nurturing the Specification Management ecosystem
Building the Specification Management Ecosystem
The Specification Management ecosystem is bigger than Specright, but as the leader we are leveraging technology partners, academia, and services companies to fundamentally change how companies do business. Through Spec Academy your employees and partners will get the same level of training as Specright employees. This expertise will provide your company with the enhanced value you need to make amazing, sustainable things.
"I really enjoyed what this course had to offer. It provided great education on Specification Management, supply chain, and industry trends. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more."
Packaging Student, Cal Poly
"My biggest takeaway was that sustainability metrics are only really possible when tracking through a comprehensive Specification Management platform."
Quality Assurance Manager
"My biggest takeaway was that Specification Data Management is critical to business success. It's not just packaging engineers or packaging suppliers. "
Packaging Engineering Professional, 20+ years
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