Specright’s purpose-built platform solves 3 fundamental problems

A lack of common language around specifications
Incomplete data or a lack of critical components
The inability to share up to date information

Revolutionizing supply chain collaboration with patented technology

Chasing data is old news. Specification management is not. Specright built the first patented Specification Data Management system of its kind.

Without Specright, specification data is typically housed in an array of static systems—whether it’s email, spreadsheets, legacy systems, or shared drives. These static systems often result in siloed data that lacks the accessibility and standardization needed to function as a source of truth for the supply chain, inhibiting collaboration.

The many-to-many relationship structure of the Specright platform enables companies to link together all the data related to making a product, from its packaging, quality, and manufacturing specifications and more.

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Discover the value of Specification Management

The Rise of Specification Management

You’ll recognize stories of the struggles organizations face when it comes to managing critical data and get a glimpse into the future of how data can drive the answers to some of our most pressing supply chain challenges.
  • Learn more about the evolution of product and packing that affects manufacturers, brands, and retailers today

  • Discover how the spec-first approach revolutionizes and provides solutions for supply chain complexity

Specification Management Adoption Guide

Learn about:
  • The definition and value of taking a spec-first approach to your data management strategy.
  • How a purpose-built Specification Management solution can seamlessly integrate with existing systems
  • How to achieve sustainability goals and avoid regulatory pressures and compliance risk.

Discover the impact of Specification Management

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