The #1 Platform for Specification Management

Digitize & manage all your specification data – from raw materials, ingredients, and formulas, to packaging and finished goods – and collaborate across teams and suppliers with Specright.

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Chat with Matt - Sustainability: Bridging the Gap Between Vision & Action

What if we lived in a world without waste? At Specright, our vision is just that. And, we’re helping our customers bridge the data gap to achieve their sustainability goals. It comes down to making things right, every time. Join Specright Founder & CEO Matthew Wright, for a virtual “Chat with Matt” session on making your sustainability goals a reality. Kris Corbin, Co-Founder and Chief Supply Chain Officer, of Bright Future Foods, will join the discussion to share insights on what it means to keep sustainability at the forefront of product innovation. With new and ever-changing regulations going into effect globally, the time to turn ambition into action is now. Are you ready?

For us, when we came across Specright it fundamentally changed how we look at our data management for specifications. We're using it to manage everything from raw materials to formulas, ingredients, brites, packaging, and finished goods.
- Tony Costa, CIO, Bumble Bee Foods
Our Specification Management system is not just about collecting data, it's about making decisions. It allows us to focus on carbon reduction.
- Kris Corbin, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Bright Future Foods
To pull a spec together, it used to take us weeks to go to procurement, product, and packaging teams to gather the data. Now, with Specright, we literally have an 'easy button' with all the data in one place.
- Paul Gray, Director of Quality, Central Garden & Pet

The #1 Platform For Specification Management

Digitize and manage all your specification data – from raw materials, ingredients, and formulas, to packaging and finished goods – and collaborate across teams and suppliers with Specright.

Learn why more than 60,000 products are on Specright

The Specification Management Summit

We recently hosted the first Specification Management Summit at the brand new Thompson Hotel in downtown Austin, Texas. It was three days packed with content ranging from customers, like Bumble Bee, OFI, DENSO, and more who are taking a spec-first approach to their data strategy, industry trends like sustainability and supply chain digitization, product demos, and exciting announcements.

Data gaps exist in every supply chain.

Learn how to take control of your data with Specification Management.

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The State of Specification Management Report

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When you digitize and link specifications together, you create visibility and traceability across your supply chain

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Specright has an ROI of 469%. But how are users getting the most out of the platform when it comes to innovation and speed-to-market?

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Forrester Total Economic Impact Study: ROI of Specright

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Why Specification Data Management™ Is The Future Of Supply Chain

In this eBook, we discuss the evolution of supply chain data and how professionals ranging from packaging to procurement can leverage data to drive business outcomes.

The Evolution of Products & Packaging

In this book by CEO Matthew Wright, learn how a spec-first approach is revolutionizing how things are made.

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