SDM for Supplier Management

Quickly and easily communicate with suppliers by sharing up-to-date spec data, managing related documents, and creating supplier scorecards in easy to use platform.

Improve communication, visibility, and intelligence across supply chains.

Increase in Supplier Compliance
Reduction in Duplicate Specs
Reduction in Strategic Sourcing Costs

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Centrally Manage Supplier and Vendor Documentation 

Simplify document management process for all parties.

Specright enables brands and suppliers to store and manage all relevant documentation tied to the spec-level, such as contracts, certificates of analysis (COAs), NDAs, and facility audits.

Receive automated expiration alerts and readily access up-to-date and historical copies for unmatched visibility into your supplier network.

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Track Performance with Supplier Scorecards & Analytics

Keep a pulse on your supply chain network.

Easily generate a supplier report or dashboard to monitor everything from quality and sustainability metrics to document status and compliance - all in real time. Gaining supplier-specific analytics can strengthen supply chain operations, helping your operations and procurement teams make more data-driven decisions.

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Easily Share Data with Suppliers

Take communication to the next level with Specright Community – our version of a supplier portal that empowers two-way communication.

By giving suppliers the power to access data directly into Specright, you can ensure they're making the latest version. Eliminate miscommunication and project delays every time a spec changes. Easily share data and collaborate with your community of suppliers – all within Specright.

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What Experts Say
“PackSight goes step by step and reminds us of the exact parameters we need to go by and of the goals the package must meet. Nothing slips through the cracks.”
Mark Beck
Concept Packaging
“We love that you can add as many pictures as you want, it helps capture details that the raw test data doesn’t always portray.”
TJ Willis
Concept Packaging
“Finally, a user-friendly spec system. I think the biggest strength of Specright is its ease of use. While many spec systems take a week or more of training to use effectively, anyone who regularly uses a company can navigate the Specright interface.”
Alex F.
Manager, Packaging Engineer
Expanding our Capabilities with Partnerships

Driving Supplier Collaboration and Ensuring Food Quality & Safety with Specright

Not long ago, Taylor Farms was using shared excel files, paper workflows and the phone to communicate critical product specification information. No matter how hard everyone tried, the process of managing thousands of specifications simply didn’t scale. Learn how Taylor Farms implemented Specright to make advances in digital transformation without adding additional resources.

Download Case Study
Download Case Study
All the Data You Need to Make Things Right, Every Time

Specright gives companies and suppliers the visibility to drive quality, customer satisfaction, and profitability, in one, easy-to-use Specification Management software solution.

Our Platform
The State of Specification Management Report
In recent years, we’ve seen rapid growth in companies digitizing, centralizing, and collaborating on their specification data. But with this growth, comes lingering challenges -- specifically around legacy software solutions, manual processes, and companies trying to address growing compliance and regulatory pressures.

Read the report to learn why legacy systems like PLMs, ERPs, and non-purpose built solutions are proving insufficient to manage the granular level of specification data. You'll also learn about initiatives companies are taking to address these challenges and optimize their data management.
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Implementation Services

We get it – your data is scattered across your supply chain. Our team of professionals is here to guide you every step of the way so you can take control of your data and get up and running on Specright.

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Spec Academy

Our online certification program teaches you how to use a spec-first approach to supply chain management. Start today and get started on your path to becoming Specification Management Certified.

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Specright eliminates heavy administrative workloads so you can focus on making amazing things.
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