A Faster and Smarter Approach to Product Development

To stay ahead of the competition, product development is key. With Specright, you'll accelerate speed to market by gaining comprehensive visibility into all the data that aid in bringing your products to life. Streamline project management, quickly build out BOMs, and forecast cost to determine profitability and sustainability of your new product ideas from brainstorming to end-of-life. With Specright, you’ll spend less time chasing data and more time testing and finalizing your new product.

Manage your entire product life cycle, from ideation through end-of-life.

Faster New Product Introduction
Reduction of Non-Sustainable Materials
Reduction in Duplicate Specs
Reduction in SKU Overlap

Create Sustainable Products without Increasing Costs

Track sustainability throughout the product development cycle.

Specification linkages enable users to easily see the materials being used by each product, so you can understand the sustainability of products as you create them.  Enforce sustainability requirements, get recommendations on material substitutions, and quickly report on raw material usage across products and packaging – all within Specright.

SDM for Sustainability

Streamline Ideation for Faster Time to Market

Enable faster turnaround and less error.

Clone and easily edit product specs to fit your new design, saving time and allowing you to give your customers what they want faster. If you want to build a brand-new spec, use the Like Item Finder to easily search for existing specs and link them to new projects to accelerate ideation, while applying learnings from previous or existing product development cycles.

Manage & Validate New Product & Change Requests

Drive innovation by logging, tracking, and prioritizing requests.

Streamline requests via centralized and standardized forms, while making the validation process easier with a holistic view of your supply chain’s capabilities, your entire product line, and vital sales information. By tying performance to products at the spec level, you can forecast success to intelligently strategize which requests to prioritize.

Enable Project Efficiency Gains

Break down silos between marketing, supply chain, and R&D with workflows & approvals.

With workflows, approvals, and automatic alerts, you can collaborate effectively across departments, identify bottlenecks, and accelerate the product development cycle. Specright’s reporting features give you visibility into each step of the product development process to better measure effectiveness and help you manage efficiency.

Increase Profits by Driving Intelligent Costing Analysis

Forecast cost to gauge profitability early on.

Specright gives you the tools to build out your Bill of Materials (BOM) faster by rolling up costs from raw materials to the finished good level. To determine exact costs of new specs, utilize the Like Item Finder to use similar specs as a costing placeholder.

Formulation Software for Any Stage of the Product Lifecycle

Managing formulations is critical – there’s a lot to balance, and things change

With Specright, you’ll have all the data you need at your fingertips to ensure formulas are up-to-date, changes are tracked, and new versions approved.

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What Product Leaders Say
"Having more people access data allows us to put world class operating procedures in place."
Kris Corbin
Chief Supply Chain Officer, Bright Future Foods
"Being able to review specs with sales data is changing the way we do business."
Molly Fiedler
Chief Innovation Officer, Kira Labs
“I no longer have to search for information and validate the source - I grab the information I need from Specright and move on with my project.”
Laura Berlanga
Product Innovation & Research Manager, Ocean Mist Farms
Gartner®: Market Guide for Packaging and Product Specification Management
In this report, you'll learn why outdated and unsupported applications and processes can no longer keep up with corporate growth, increased SKU complexity, and the demands of customers and consumers. It also covers improving time to market, cost savings, and regulatory compliance with a specification management software solution.
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Kira Labs Enabling Fast Beauty With Specright

Kira Labs is known for its ability to go from consumer insights to store shelves in record time. Learn how they centeralized specifications to increase speed-to-market and decrease the product development cycle.

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View Case Study
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Specright gives companies and suppliers the visibility to drive quality, customer satisfaction, and profitability, in one, easy-to-use Specification Management sustainability solution.

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