Packaging: The Time To Go Digital is Now

E-commerce, supply chain disruptions, recyclability, sustainability regulations, cost cutting initiatives, and automation all require your spec data to be digitized. Specright enables you to take control of your data and turn sustainability goals into defined, measurable actions across your enterprise and your supply chain while identifying ways to reduce packaging spend.

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Grow Your Business with Data Optimization

Most packaging data is spread across internal departments or external vendors along the supply chain using static documents, legacy systems, and shared drives. Specright was purpose built to reduce packaging waste by digitizing and controlling  packaging specifications.


  • Reduce time searching for the right spec
  • Eliminate duplicate specs
  • Increase accuracy and confidence of your packaging data

Drive Down Sourcing Costs

Enterprise visibility into your packaging data provides business insights to reduce packaging spend while increasing your purchasing agility.


  • Streamline end-to-end packaging component management
  • Rationalize SKUs
  • Machine Learning recommendations on cost saving and material reductions

Reduce Packaging Cost While Increasing Green Line Growth

From inception, Specright was built to reduce packaging waste that results from not having control of your specification and packaging data. We are enabling companies to save money and improve collaboration with their suppliers by taking a standard, templated approach to specification data management.

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“Having data and history in Specright alerts us to deviations and helps us drive sustainability, reduce costs, and keep our supply chain humming.”
Cody Leonard
Packaging Engineer Manager, Denso

Design for Reuse & Recyclability

Ideation doesn’t have to be hard, but you do need to have all your packaging specs in a single source of truth so you can design the green products your consumers demand.


  • Quickly ideate on the next version leveraging existing specs
  • Perform LCA and cost analysis early in design
  • Reduce Product Development time

Increase Your Green-Line Growth

Packaging sustainability and corporate business goals can truly complement each other but it all starts with digitization of your packaging spec data.


  • Uncover new business models
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Meet sustainability initiatives
  • Reduce time to report compliance

Creating Efficiencies Across Packaging & Procurement

With over 30,000 packaging specifications, Pactiv Evergreen needed a scalable data management solution able to support future growth and constant innovation.

With Specright, they've accelerated packaging development, significantly reduced their SKU proliferation, and can now search through their specs with the click of a button.

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View Case StudyView Case Study
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Packaging Companies Taking a Spec-First Approach

Patrick Elliot, Packaging Specialist with Corteva, discusses the pain points they had before implementing Specright's Specification Data Management platform.


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