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Establish collaboration, traceability and authentication between brands, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers, at the critical DNA level of your supply chain.

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Supply Chain Traceability

Create a single source of truth to manage all your data, including suppliers. All changes and updates are immutable at the spec level, creating true traceability.


  • No more duplication of specs
  • Increased accuracy and confidence of your supplier data  
  • End to digging through inaccurate results

End-to-End Collaboration

Real-time collaboration is the default communication since all information is in one place. You can review, edit, & publish specifications instantly. Companies can choose what exact information to share and who precisely it is shared with.


  • Eliminate redundant processes
  • Centralized communication creating faster time to market
  • Vet new partners faster
"In retrospect, Specright was a no-brainer. The transition was simple, cost savings have been dramatic, and we've experienced a collective enhancement across our supply chain.”
Jason Higbee
Director of Materials Management, Grimmway Farms

Authentication & Audits

With all spec information digitalized and immutable in one system of truth, audits, recall investigations, and root cause analysis efforts become massively simplified and extremely accurate.


  • Responding to audits is simplified 
  • Quickly conduct impact and root cause analysis
  • Encrypted and secure data

Drive Sustainability

Ideation doesn’t have to be hard, but you do need to have all your packaging and product specs in a single source of truth so you can track and measure your impact to the planet  to address consumer demand.


  • Quickly ideate on the next version leveraging existing specs 
  • Perform LCA and cost analysis early  in design 
  • Reduce Product Development time

Digitizing The Supply Chain With Specright

At Jack in the Box, a complex supply chain isn't new, but with outdated systems and limited accessibility, spec compliance reporting was almost impossible.

Learn how Jack in the Box used Specright to take control of quality reporting, that resulted in transformative time and cost savings.

View Case Study
View Case StudyView Case Study
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