Impact Metrics

Faster New Product Development
Increased Visibility into Sustainability Metric
Higher Supplier Compliance
Reduced Risk of Recalls

Break down organizational silos with a single source of truth

Everyone needs access to the right specification data. While today many different teams own different parts of the specification, Specright has a solution.
  • Easily search at the component level
  • Create better reports
  • Collaborate with suppliers
  • Develop new products faster
  • Easily rationalize packaging SKUs
  • Go to bid faster
  • Automate quality checks

Trusted by Fortune 500 & challenger brands

How customers are harnessing
the power of spec-first approach

At Specright, we tell our customers, “If you get the spec right, the rest follows.” But it resonates louder when coming from those who have seen the benefits of Specright firsthand. Hear our customers speak about the value they’re gaining from a spec-first approach.
“Specright saves our team a tremendous amount of time while increasing visibility and transparency across our supplier relationships so we can focus on preventing issues. Having the Spec Compliance Dashboards allows quality managers to have near real-time monitoring capabilities and spot hotline call trends. The confidence in our compliance program has increased since we started to use it.”
Jeff Chen
Quality Systems Manager, Jack in the Box
"Today, Specright serves as the primary source of truth for COOLA, breaking down data silos for good. As a lean organization we have limited technology resources. It was critical we partner with a vendor that could be implemented without IT support. Specright delivered that and more."
Michael Rentz
Senior Procurement Manager, COOLA
"Specright is a huge time and sanity saver. We now have one version of the truth that is far more reliable than the old way of doing things. It outperformed all the other systems we considered because it provided complete transparency down to the individual component level.”
Andrew Kesler
Corporate Director of Supplier Food Safety & Compliance Systems, Taylor Farms

If you get the spec right,
the rest follows

An award-winning solution, trusted by industry leaders

Specification Management Adoption Guide

Learn about:
  • The definition and value of taking a spec-first approach to your data management strategy.
  • How a purpose-built Specification Management solution can seamlessly integrate with existing systems
  • How to achieve sustainability goals and avoid regulatory pressures and compliance risk.

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