Taylor Farms: Advances in Digital Transformation Without Adding Resources

Not long ago, Taylor Farms was using shared excel files, paper workflows and the phone to communicate critical product specification information. At its best, the process was manual and time consuming. At its worst, the process allowed multiple people to import, export and edit data simultaneously, leaving them vulnerable to errors. No matter how hard everyone tried, the process of managing thousands of specifications simply didn’t scale. It was nearly impossible to see issues that repeated over time with a particular vendor.

Taylor Farms’ 20,000 employees were on a mission to nourish America, and they deserved a better way. That's why Taylor Farms chose Specright.

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  • How Taylor Farms reduced 28,800 hours of work chasing down documents each year
  • How eliminating manual steps and having insight across the operation has saved countless hours and made operations more reliable
  • How Taylor Farms' average compliance with non-expired audit reports has increased by more than 65%
"Specright is a huge time and sanity saver. We now have one version of the truth that is far more reliable than the old way of doing things. It outperformed all the other systems we considered because it provided complete transparency down to the individual component level.”

Andrew Kesler

Corporate Director of Supplier Food Safety & Compliance Systems, Taylor Farms

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When everyone has access to specifications, amazing things happen – faster product development, improved quality, and less waste.

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