Integrate Your Existing Software Solutions with Specright

By integrating data from Specright’s Specification Data Management platform with your existing systems, you gain complete control over your data regardless of the system you are working in at the time. Doing so, and ensuring a digital, single-source-of-truth for the data that is integrated, allows you and your supply chain teams to develop new products faster, easily rationalize packaging SKUs, find cost savings, and make informed decisions across your supply chain.

Easily integrate with your existing systems

Unlike legacy systems, Specright’s open API seamlessly integrates with other tools, such as ERP and PLM software, enabling you to effortlessly share data across you enterprise systems.
Partner Integrations
Specright offers pre-built, turnkey integrations with a number of industry-leading systems. Formal partnerships with the companies behind these leading systems ensures that we treat these integrations as a product with its own feature roadmap. We firmly believe in bringing together an ecosystem of solutions that many of our customers are already using, but need specification data to strengthen their data strategy. Below are some of the industry partners we already partner with:
  • TOPS Pro - Packaging Design & Palette Optimization  
  • COMPASS (Trayak) - Life Cycle Assessments
  • Lorax EPI - Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Analysis & Reporting
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Popular Custom Integrations
Specright can integrate with any system that exposes its data through an API or in file format. Today, one in four customers have a custom integration connecting Specright to another system. This includes ERP systems, accounting software, data warehouses, and many others. Our most popular integrations are with the following types of systems:
ERP Systems
Food Formulation & Labeling Software
Specright API
Specright offers a REST API that allows customer IT teams to build reliable and scalable integrations that extend Specright into any business process, and securely exchange data between Specright and your on-premise applications or cloud-native environments. We offer a developer portal as well as consultation services, allowing developers to jumpstart their integration development.
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The thing that is really nice about Specright is that it has some of the open interfaces where they can actually tie into some other platforms we currently use ... Specright can be the source of truth for a lot of our information and communicates with other systems so we can continue to operate efficiently.
Frank Ardite
Global Quality & Digitization Director, BASF
"With Specright, we can go into a meeting, trade show, or event with knowledge as opposed to just data points. If we're pulling information from different places, there's no integration. I can see what's happening with a variety of data points, but I don't know how that relates to our licensees or growers. I know what's happening with our grower, but I don't know how that translates to retail. Being able to integrate that information gives us huge value in any situation – we're prepared and have the knowledge for more productive conversations and internal insight into what's happening in our business."
Jennifer Sanchez
VP Marketing, Sun World International
A Roadmap for Integration Best Practices
We want to help make the integration process as seamless as possible. Our whitepaper "A Roadmap for Integration Best Practices" provides valuable insights and guidance for integrating systems effectively.
  • Learn what integrations will set your organization up for success
  • Learn the benefits of integrations
  • Integration best practice tips and tricks
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