Introducing Specright 26.0, with exciting updates to NPD, SDM, Data Insights and more!

The Specright team is thrilled to announce Release 26.0! This packed update improves your teams collaboration with the addition of Gantt Charts to Specright Tasks, tackle your compliance efforts better with improvements to the FDA Integration, add multiple artwork file types, and much more! These new features and enhancements are designed to meet our customer’s everyday needs. We appreciate your support as we work to make the best product we can.

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June 24, 2024
Ravi Gandhi
VP of Product Management
See the new features in action!

The Specright Product Team is excited to bring you a jam packed release with some impactful new features, enhancements, and other improvements that enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and foster collaboration across teams. We want to continually stay proactive to make sure Specright is meeting all of your daily needs. We are always committed to listening to our customers and improving their experience. 

In this blog, we’ll be unveiling the major features of this release. However, more details about the entirety of Release 26.0 will be available through detailed product videos on each feature, explaining their use cases and how to use the feature. We hope you enjoy this release!

Improved Collaboration with Specright Tasks

Though Specright Tasks was officially unveiled in our last release, we have some exciting new updates to the feature. As a recap, Specright Tasks is a task management feature that allows users to create tasks related to any record in Specright, with the added benefit of dependencies and auto-date calculations that include non-working day adjustments. Now, users can take advantage of the Gantt Chart and Template Clone features.

Gantt Charts

Users can now visually see tasks and their dependencies in a Gantt Chart component. The chart is interactive, allowing users to click-and-drag to change task dates and create task dependencies.This feature allows teams to stay on track with their progress, and is especially useful for Project Managers, allowing teams to do more of their jobs in one easy to use  platform.

Template Clone

Our second Specright Tasks update is the new Template Clone feature. This feature allows users to create templates out of existing projects that are repeated often, copying over a set list of tasks with it.  A copy of all the tasks and dependencies from the Template will be added to the desired record, with the timeline adjusted to meet the input date requirement. Since many new product development projects often have repetitive tasks, this saves the Project Manager time from cloning this information from spreadsheets into Specright. 

Increase Your Team’s Efficiency with User Matrix

Specright’s new User Matrix feature saves your team time and confusion as it dynamically assigns individual users to projects, tasks, or other records that they should be on. Designated User Matrix Admins simply assign different criteria such as role, region, or brand to individual members of their team, and Specright assigns out the correct teams and tasks. Customers are also able to manage and update users without going into the backend, meaning that there are no configuration changes needed if there are role changes within the company. 

Stay Compliant with the FDA Integration - Compliance Actions

At Specright, we want to make keeping up with regulatory compliance simple and manageable for our customers. This is why we are pleased to introduce the ability to directly import compliance actions from the FDA database through our FDA Integration, encompassing warning letters, injunctions, and seizure actions. This enhancement extends the current FDA data import capabilities which already cover inspections, recalls, and imports, thus providing users with a comprehensive array of crucial compliance data. Paired with Specright’s reporting and analysis tools, users can gather valuable insights from their data along with being compliant.

View All Your Files with Extended Preview Capabilities

We have significantly improved Specright’s file preview capabilities beyond the default supported formats. Now, we support 28 new file types, allowing our users to upload and preview their artwork files directly within Specright. For the full list of supported file formats, check out our release video on this feature.

Enhanced Workflows with NPD Export 

Our NPD Export feature allows users to create a new Finished Good, mapping over details and related lists available for export. In Release 26.0, we’re adding three new enhancements: visible fields of related records copied onto new records (such as “Quantity” or “Packaging Level”), the ability for admins to specify the Related List name a user will see, and the ability to alphabetize all picklist fields by Label in the NPD Export setting. For more detailed information on these items, check out the feature video!

Communicate with Your Suppliers Using IDP Supplier Community Support and Other Enhancements

We are excited to bring users expanded data capture capabilities with 15 new COA fields, new templates, and automated review processes for enhanced efficiency. This enhancement allows users to experience seamless COA/COI document submissions directly through supplier community portals, providing instant admin notifications and eliminating the need to wait for email submissions. This update enhances efficiency and timeliness, increases template variety, and allows for seamless review.

Other Key Updates

  • Data Insights: Data Completeness Report gets an improved UI and Export to Excel feature, with a removal of the 25-field limit imposed earlier.
  • Bids/Exchange: When adding items to bids, users can now enter or update the bid quantities directly into the grid. Bids also support several additional data categories such as Formulas and Machines.
  • 1WorldSync (1WS) Integration: View the status of finished goods before submitting them, receive status updates through email notifications, and configure which environment of 1WS to publish to. 
  • Like Item Finder - Multi Select Picklist: For Multi-Select picklists in Like Item Finder,  users can now choose to filter for records that “Includes All” the selected values, “Includes Exactly” the selected values, or “Includes Any” of the selected values.

We hope you are as excited for Release 26.0 as we are. As mentioned previously, for a more in depth look and tutorial of these features, watch our on-demand product videos here. You can always reach out to our team to learn more. We appreciate your support and continuous feedback, as we work to make the best product we can. 

See you in September for the next release!


Ravi Gandhi

Ravi Gandhi is the VP of Product Management at Specright, responsible for the planning and execution of Specright’s product roadmap. He is also in charge of Specright’s integration and API strategy and was part of the founding team that built Specright’s Integration Services Platform. Ravi runs Specright’s Customer Advisory Board where select Specright customers from across industries contribute to and influence Specright’s product direction and strategy.

He has 19 years of experience in the enterprise software space, having built software for Hewlett Packard, and having led integration product management for HireRight, the world’s largest provider of global background screening services, where he launched solutions in partnership with HCM leaders including Oracle, SAP and Workday. He has graduated with a MS in Computer Science from University of Southern California and MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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