Specright Announces API & Developer Portal

By Ravi Gandhi

Specright Announces API & Developer Portal

Posted on February 13, 2020
  • February 13, 2020

Specright Announces API & Developer Portal

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Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Specright API and Developer Portal, which will further enable users to harness the power of specifications across their business.

Now, companies looking to create digital supply chains can easily tie critical data from other systems – such as ERPs, PLMs, or IoT platforms – to specification data through the API. In fact, API integrations are one of the most requested features customers ask for.

The release of these developer tools also represents a major milestone in our mission of standardizing specifications – such as raw materials, ingredients, formulas, packaging, finished goods, bill of materials (BOMs) – across an organization.

The Specright API puts specifications at the center of any product development workflow by tying together complementary tools such as order management, quality assurance, artwork & nutritional label creation. For example, customers can use the API to push ingredient and formula data from Specright into Genesis to instantly create nutrition panels from live, up-to-date specification data. Or they can tie inventory data to specifications for better visibility, demand forecasting, and planning.

Specright API & Developer Portal

Specright API Reference with Code Samples

In addition to Specright customers, the API will also empower other technology partners to build innovative interfaces with Specright by taking advantage of the Specright Specification Data Model. We’re excited to see how customers and partners will create fully integrated workflows with other best-of-breed tools that complement Specright.

The Specright API has been in Private Beta for a few weeks. With this announcement, we are officially opening up access to all customers and potential partners in a Public Beta. 

If you would like a developer account to explore our guides and access the API, contact us here. We look forward to feedback from early adopters to improve the API and unlock new value for customers through specification management.

Why Build with Specright?

RESTful Interface & API Docs

Our API follows REST principles and is completely JSON-based. It’s super easy to get started – and our simplified API docs include code samples. The API supports JSON-based filter queries and GraphQL support is coming soon.

Dedicated API Team

We hold customer support to a very high standard and this extends to our API support. We have a dedicated team available for user questions.

Become a Specright Partner

We say it all the time: everything is a specification. As such, we’re looking to partner with solution providers in other areas to create seamless data sharing and workflows. From artwork software to nutritional labeling software, from accounting software to quality assurance solutions, there are endless opportunities to build deep integrations using the Specright API to create value for customers. To learn more, contact us here.


Ravi is a Senior Product Manager at Specright. He has over 15 years experience leading development and design of enterprise software solutions. He is passionate about building integrations and automations that simplify business processes and enable seamless connections between systems.