Specright & ISTA Launch PackSight

PackSight, an online packaging testing platform, will transform packaging performance and provide professionals access to valuable data

Specright & ISTA Launch PackSight

Posted on February 17, 2020
  • February 17, 2020

Specright & ISTA Launch PackSight

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Irvine, CA, February 17, 2020 — Specright, Inc., the software company that pioneered Specification Data Management, today launched PackSight, a new online testing platform for ISTA test procedures, in partnership with the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA).

Testing is critical and ensures that packaging can withstand the stress of transit without damage to products, which is important for brands looking to create a positive customer experience; and to reduce or eliminate the costs associated with damaged goods.

Hundreds of thousands of ISTA test procedures are completed each year by packaging testing labs, brands, suppliers, and universities. With PackSight, users can select tests, collect data and auto-generate test reports, creating efficiencies and visibility for stakeholders across the supply chain.

ISTA President A.J. Gruber

ISTA President A.J. Gruber

“The world is demanding a great deal of packaging: it needs to be sustainable, durable, and developed faster than ever,” said A.J. Gruber, President of ISTA. “To keep up, we realized we needed to transform packaging testing from a manual process to a digital one.”

PackSight will also help Amazon vendors complete the new ISTA-6 Amazon.com (SIOC) test, which aims to certify “Ships in Own Container (SIOC)” packaging. With PackSight, users are guided through the testing steps and upon successful completion, can avoid the penalties Amazon is imposing on vendors with non-compliant packaging.

Before PackSight, ISTA test protocols were typically printed out, completed by hand or documented in spreadsheets, and then stored for record keeping. Packaging engineers and lab technicians would sort through ISTA’s available protocols, determine the right one based on the package type and requirements, print out the test, complete the test, and compile the report.

Specright Founder & CEO Matthew Wright

Specright Founder & CEO Matthew Wright

“PackSight will do for packaging testing what Specright did for specification data management,” said Matthew Wright, founder & CEO of Specright. “This will take packaging and supply chain professionals out of spreadsheets and equip them with the tools they need to perform work in the digital age. Furthermore, the ability to share test results and analyze data over time will lead to breakthroughs in packaging innovation and progress.”

The benefits inherent in PackSight are needed as never before, as eCommerce continues to dramatically increase the number of packaged goods mailed to consumers each and every day. “During the past holiday shopping season, for example, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) reported it delivered more than 28 million packages per day between Dec.16-21, and in fact averaged 20.5 million packages per day through the remainder of last year,” Wright added.

ISTA membership categories with laboratories will receive a PackSight user license with their annual membership and can purchase additional user licenses through the platform.


About Specright

Specright is the first purpose-built platform for Specification Data Management™. Whether it’s packaging, raw materials, formulas, products, or machinery specifications, Specright helps companies digitize, map, and take action across their supply chain to reduce costs, increase profitability, and drive sustainability.

About ISTA

International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) is an organization focused on the specific concerns of transport packaging. ISTA is the leading industry developer of testing protocols and design standards that define how packages should perform to ensure the protection of their contents during the ever changing risks of the global distribution environment. As a nonprofit, member-driven association it sets the standards for optimizing the resources in packages that are designed to be survivable, sustainable and successful. Worldwide, ISTA is the most trusted, knowledgeable and respected authority in predictive package-performance testing helping its members develop more effective packaging. For more information, visit: www.ista.org


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