Specification Data Management (SDM) Product Highlights from Spec Summit

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February 10, 2023
Ravi Gandhi
VP of Product Management
Katie Exum
Project Success Manager, Specright
Specification Management Summit 2023 Presentations

This year’s Spec Summit in Nashville was the biggest yet at 250 attendees, and it’s true: while the event is getting bigger, it’s also getting better and better.

Attendees got to hear directly from users sharing how they’re using Specright: 

  • how they’ve been able to launch products more quickly, 
  • how they’ve reduced the time they spend searching across systems for data, so they can focus doing what they were actually hired to do, 
  • and how they’ve established Specification Data Management (SDM) best practices so they don’t have to rely on their “human API” or colleagues to keep workflows running. 

Demos, Best Practices, and Addressing Sustainability

We were excited to show off our SDM platform and modules through live demos. Attendees got to see first-hand new (and some existing, yet enhanced) features, learned about the value of a business case for proposing a spec-first approach, and best practices for getting the most value out of  implementation.

Sustainability was another major theme of Spec Summit – regulations to be more exact. Regulations are here and more are coming. That message was relayed again and again by different speakers, such as “Keep calm and collect the spec” (thanks to Michelle Carvell from Lorax EPI for that one). Sustainability is complex. In fact, it’s one of the biggest challenges our customers are facing. 

Due to the complexity, sustainability has been a priority for the Specright Product team over the last few years. We keep our customers’ challenges in mind when developing and enhancing the SDM platform and solutions.

We’ve launched standard integrations with Trayak’s COMPASS LCA tool, as well as Lorax Compliance’s EPR reporting solution.These two strategic partnerships help build onto the Specification Management ecosystem and enable our customers to pull and report on sustainability metrics in minutes vs. months. This not only helps save time and money, but enables business leaders to understand the impact their products are having on the planet and ensuring accurate reporting and transparency. Data accuracy and reporting will only become more and more essential with the onset of more regulatory pressures. Our continued efforts and investment in the area will help us guide our customers and users on their sustainability journeys. 

Connecting with Specright Customers and Hearing Feedback

Summit also allowed for us to sit down with our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) to talk in-depth about the product. We reviewed the product roadmap and got feedback on features in development, and were also able to reflect on how our customers could get more out of Specright. 

A big theme of the CAB meeting was communication and education. Specright’s SDM product is evolving so much with every new release, even our most dedicated users can fall behind on understanding our offering and the value each new and enhanced feature brings to their organization. 

We’re committed to reevaluating our post-launch communication methods so that every user is aware of the latest and greatest additions to the Specright product. We’re grateful for the opportunity to sit down with our customers and have them help shape our product priorities and roadmap.

What’s New: Specification Data Management (SDM) Platform Features

As much as we were excited to learn from our users, we were also excited to share some of the latest updates to the Specright product on the main stage of Spec Summit. We gave the audience a rundown of the evolution of the Specright product over the last year, then we did a speed round of customer “favorite features” and “hidden gems” (9 features in 9 minutes!) to ensure all attendees got a good feel for the comprehensive feature set the SDM product has to offer. 

From there, we got to introduce the audience to the following features and enhancements:

  • Revision Management
  • TOPSWebApp Integration
  • Intelligent Document Processing - Certificate of Insurance
  • Artwork Viewer
  • ESHA Genesis Integration
  • Enhancements: Spec Compare, Supplier Map, and Intelligent Document Processing - Certificate of Analysis

We were also excited to share a forward-looking (and feature-filled) roadmap review to attendees. It was a LOT to go over, and we were so appreciative that the audience was engaged to the very end. 

Our customers seemed particularly excited about the Revision Management feature. And, all we have to say to that is keep an eye out for more exciting updates this year! 

A quick product note: all of the new features we went over are available on the 20.0 release, so be sure to get in touch with your Customer Success representative to get the latest version installed if you’d like to take advantage of the new features.

It was an action-packed three days, and our product team is ready to use our learnings to make Specright more valuable for each of our customers. We’re already looking forward to sharing what we build in 2023 at next year’s Specification Management Summit.


Ravi Gandhi

Ravi Gandhi is the VP of Product Management at Specright, responsible for the planning and execution of Specright’s product roadmap. He is also in charge of Specright’s integration and API strategy and was part of the founding team that built Specright’s Integration Services Platform. Ravi runs Specright’s Customer Advisory Board where select Specright customers from across industries contribute to and influence Specright’s product direction and strategy.

He has 19 years of experience in the enterprise software space, having built software for Hewlett Packard, and having led integration product management for HireRight, the world’s largest provider of global background screening services, where he launched solutions in partnership with HCM leaders including Oracle, SAP and Workday. He has graduated with a MS in Computer Science from University of Southern California and MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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