Specright’s Vision in Standardizing the Packaging Industry with Specright Network

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October 27, 2023
Danielle Goad
Specright Network Manager, Specright
Learn More about Central Garden & Pet’s Spec-First Journey

Across industries and sectors, companies face challenges when it comes to handling intricate data flows across their supply chain. With manual processes, siloed data, and reliance on outdated inherited data innovation and company growth can be stunted. 

That is why we created Specright Network - to solve these challenges. 

Specright Network empowers collaboration through a spec-first marketplace, where supply chain traceability is both comprehensive and seamless. This platform brings together all stakeholders from manufacturers and retailers to suppliers and vendors so that everyone can collaborate and support one another, nurturing continuous company growth. 

At its core, Specright Network offers a unified hub to access, distribute, verify, authenticate, and search for any and all specification data, driving a streamlined supply chain. As a result, companies are able to more efficiently gather specification data that is up to date, and share it with other supply chain partners. 

With standardized templates, every member within a company’s Network can proactively collect and share the data they need. Standardization also reduces errors and ensures that companies are meeting industry standards and regulations.  

To read more about why Specright Network is the future of specification management and accessibility make sure to read our last blog.   

How Central Garden and Pet is Taking Advantage of Specright Network

As a part of the testing process, the Specright Network Beta Program was launched with several companies, one of them being Central Garden and Pet

Central Garden and Pet is a leading company in the production and distribution of lawn, garden, and pet supply products. With a diversified product portfolio and more than 30 pallet suppliers across the globe having an accessible location for product specifications is critical.  

Scope and Goals

During beta testing, Central Garden and Pet was looking to collect pallet specifications from over 30 pallet suppliers. The goal–ensure accessibility to all the necessary pallet data in addition to the general specifications for analysis and reporting. 

The team’s goal was to collect approximately 80 pallet specifications via the Specright Network and then using the Like Item Finder tool, with Specright’s Specification Data Management platform, to rationalize the data into around 10 unique pallet types.

By rationalizing and tracking SKUs, Central Garden and Pet was looking for opportunities where they could leverage pallet volumes and geographic location to optimize their supply chain and empower sustainability initiatives.

With this scope and goal in mind Central Garden and Pet, alongside Specright, set out to test its effectiveness.  

Results... so far

After only about one month of implementation, Central Garden and Pet had an 86% compliance rate from suppliers and gathered approximately 71 pallet specifications. 

Among the data collected by the Packaging and Quality teams, were high-value specifications related to pallet spec details, material data for sustainability reporting, and related files. This will allow additional teams, like the Procurement, Operations, and Quality teams, access to such data and specifications, breaking down internal communication silos and creating deeper collaborative relationships with their supply chain partners. The ultimate goal of the data will be to identify areas of efficiency, sustainability, and cost opportunities. 

With specifications and accurate data about supply chain opportunities, the team will be able to conduct analysis that was not possible before across all of Central Garden and Pet’s business units. 

“For the first time, we have our pallet specifications in one central system, so we know in real-time what we are getting from our suppliers and what all of our detailed specifications are. We are then able to use the data for continuous improvement opportunities.” - Paul Gray, Director of Continuous Improvement.

What’s Next for Specright Network?

With the exciting and successful results from Central Garden and Pet’s beta test, the future of Specright Network is bright. Specright Network is no longer about an idea, it is about a platform that is driving results for companies.  

Going forward Specright Network looks forward to expanding its users with industry leaders such as Hormel and Palermos. By collaborating with our industry leading customers, Specright Network’s cutting edge solutions have the power to transform business success and efficiency.  

Make sure to keep an eye out for the next Specright Network product release this December 2023, and to hear more about Specright Network’s use cases make sure to register for Spec Summit 2024 to hear Paul Gray from Central Garden and Pet expand on his experience. You can also connect with me directly by submitting this form.    


Danielle Goad

Danielle Goad is the Manager of Specright Network, a Spec-First Marketplace that enables true end-to-end traceability for all supply chain partners. Danielle has held roles across departments at Specright including Project Manager on the Customer Success team and Strategic Program Manager/Academia Manager on the Partnerships team. She leverages her diverse Specright experience to guide the product roadmap, head the Network Beta Program, and manage the Spec Assist & Spec Squad teams. Prior to Specright, Danielle graduated from California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo with her undergraduate in Industrial Technology and Packaging - focused on supply chain.

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