The Future of Specification Management is Specright Network

In a world where every company is challenged with data complexity, supply chain collaboration is more crucial than ever. Specright Network is the future... and the future is now.

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July 27, 2023
Danielle Goad
Specright Network Manager, Specright
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Imagine a world where it’s easier to collaborate with suppliers? Or with your customers?

Imagine a world where complex data streams can be shared with the click of a button?

Imagine a world where critical sustainability data can be easily shareable, audited, and authenticated for accurate reporting?

Well, you don’t have to imagine that world. It’s possible today with Specright Network.

What is Specright Network?

Regardless of industry, most companies are struggling to manage complex data streams across their supply chains. Cumbersome and disconnected systems, combined with outdated manual processes and tribal knowledge are holding companies back from innovation and competitive advantage.

Specright is powering collaboration through a spec-first marketplace called Specright Network. The Specright Network enables true end-to-end traceability of the supply chain for all partners: brands, suppliers, retailers, manufacturers, and vendors.

Specright Network centralizes the ability to consume, share, audit, authenticate, and search for spec data that are critical to an efficient supply chain.

Brands are able to proactively collect newly versioned specifications and sustainability data, streamline document auditing, and connect with new supply chain partners.

Suppliers are able to give instant access to their specifications and sustainability data to their trusted partners, streamline compliance document sharing, and connect with new potential customers through a number of selling tools.

The Value of Specright Network

Data & Document Collaboration

With Specright Network, you can access and share critical packaging specification data, supplier documents and certifications with your supply chain partners in real-time.

Our best-in-class standardized templates ensure you can proactively collect and share this data at your fingertips, minimizing errors and facilitating compliance with industry standards and sustainability regulations.

Want to run a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in minutes vs. months? Or ensure your Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) reporting is accurate?

You can do that through required reporting fields and integrations with the Specright platform, making the data collection to reporting process seamless

Simplify Change Management

Specs are constantly changing - from reformulations to updating sustainable packaging materials - version control is crucial.

With Specright Network’s Revision Management functionality, you can reduce quality issues and new product development time through the change management capabilities where any change is tracked at the field level and security is ensured. You also have the ability to use our Spec Compare tool to see color coded changes between versions -- making it easier than ever to see which fields have been created, updated, or deleted.

Find New Supply Chain Partners

Looking for a supplier closer to your manufacturing facility? Want to partner with a brand on more sustainable packaging? Or want to partner with a company that has the same spec-first mindset and standards as you?  You can do that with Specright Network.

Specright Network is not only a way to create deeper collaborative relationships with your existing supply chain partners, but a marketplace for you to find new supply chain partners who meet your geographic, service, or sustainability needs.

Authentication and Auditing

Regulatory compliance standards increase each day globally. If your company was to be audited right now, would you have the data you need to prove compliance?

With Specright Network, you can take the guesswork out of audits and perform root cause analysis with ease. You also have the ability to easily track compliance documentation across suppliers and prevent expired documentation from lurking in your supply chain.

Join the Specright Network

Earlier this year, we announced the Specright Network Beta Program with two brands -- Bob Evans Farms and Bright Future Foods, two subsidiaries of Post Holdings.

We’ve since expanded Network users to include Palermo’s Pizza, and Central Garden and Pet.

Our Beta Program members are looking to achieve improved supplier management, SKU rationalization, increased collaboration, and more.

Central Garden and Pet is aiming to collect pallet specifications from over 20 suppliers to ensure that they rationalize SKUs. The team’s goal is to collect around 80 specifications through the Specright Network, and then rationalize that data down to around 5 specifications total with the Like Item Finder tool.

With increased demand, Palermo’s Pizza sources packaging specs from new vendors regularly, but has not kept up with their data collection at the same cadence. Their plans are to leverage Specright Network to collect roughly 400 specs from their top 3 corrugated suppliers.

If you’d like to learn more about the Specright Network, click here.

Specright Network Roadmap

I’m excited to share, while our vision for Specright is strong, we’re always looking to innovate in more ways.

Our product roadmap includes:

  • Ingredient sharing
  • Enhanced capabilities around expiration date sharing for supplier documentation
  • Customers can request additional data fields
  • Advanced member profiles
  • Bid capabilities

We’re also launching a new service, Spec Assist, a relentless team of data experts dedicated to helping customers collect missing specifications, supplier documents, and sustainability information crucial to your business’ success.

All Specs on Specright Network

At Specright, we’ve always felt strongly about leading the ecosystem around better specification data management. Whether it’s partnering with leading universities to train the next generation of packaging engineers to integrating with other leading software platforms to better arm our customers with complete data analysis and reporting.

Our vision is to have all specs on the Specright Network.

Want to join the journey? Feel free to connect with me directly on LinkedIn or you can request a demo here.

I’ll also be featuring Specright Network at Pack Expo 2023 in Las Vegas. Visit our booth SU-7670 or pre-schedule a meeting with us here.


Danielle Goad

Danielle Goad is the Manager of Specright Network, a Spec-First Marketplace that enables true end-to-end traceability for all supply chain partners. Danielle has held roles across departments at Specright including Project Manager on the Customer Success team and Strategic Program Manager/Academia Manager on the Partnerships team. She leverages her diverse Specright experience to guide the product roadmap, head the Network Beta Program, and manage the Spec Assist & Spec Squad teams. Prior to Specright, Danielle graduated from California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo with her undergraduate in Industrial Technology and Packaging - focused on supply chain.

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