The Latest in Specright: Product Release 8.0

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August 26, 2020
Katie Exum
Project Success Manager, Specright

Release 8.0 is here, and we’re excited to share the new features and capabilities now available to Specright users. We’ve added Data Auditing, a Clone From tool, a Related List view, and Custom Action Buttons. You asked, we listened; thanks to all of the user feedback that has helped shape Release 8.0.

Specright Exchange: Data Audits

Specright Exchange already helps you save time by providing a simple way to send out and manage bid requests. Now with the addition of Data Audit, Specright Exchange gives users the power to easily request data audits from suppliers, ensuring that specifications are reflective of real-world goods & components.

Users can select the specifications they want a supplier to check, and choose the exact fields that need to be audited. If there are any discrepancies between what’s being produced and what’s in the spec, the user will be the first to know.

Clone From

Clone From is a feature that enables cloning details from one record into an existing record. Whereas our existing Dynamic Clone feature acts as a “Clone To” function (users start from an existing record, and clone the data to create a brand new identical record), the new Clone From capability starts with a record that has minimal information (maybe just a unique identifier and name) and allows users to copy the rest of the information into that record from another existing record.

Before, you had to manually copy over the details, attachments, and related list data from one spec to another. Clone From enables users to copy data over with just a few clicks.

Specright File: Related Lists

The Specright File object stores various file types, such as artwork, technical drawings, documents, and spreadsheets, which users can connect to more than one record within Specright. The new Specright File “Related List” view shows all the records that the file is related to, all in one place.

Partner Community: Custom Action Buttons

The Specright Partner Community is a revolutionary tool that lets Specright customers collaborate with their stakeholders on any record in our platform.We have created two new action buttons in the Partner Community to enable you to keep collaborating on all things specifications.

The new Standard Action Button allows partner users to create new records, and the Related List Standard Action Button allows users to create new child records within a related list.


Katie Exum

Katie Exum is a Product Manager at Specright, the leader in Specification Data Management. Katie has a background in packaging engineering, where she worked in the food & beverage industry, followed by consumer electronics at Amazon. She pivoted to working in data management at Specright, where she added experience in customer onboarding, then strategic partnerships, before transitioning into product management. Across all of her roles, Katie’s passion for sustainability has been an incorporated into her work. 

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