Calpine Containers: Centralizing Specs & Managing SKUs with Specright

Calpine Containers began in 1895 as a cooperative marketing association to sell lumber products, mainly pine boxes, for the industrial and agriculture industries. Today, they’re a packaging distributor with 10 offices across California and Arizona, creating packaging solutions that take produce from farm to retailer around the world.

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Learn how Calpine Containers used Specright to:

  • Consolidate SKUs across customers
  • Report on specs in real-time
  • Reduce costs due to inaccurate specs
"In retrospect, Specright was a no-brainer. The transition was simple, cost savings have been dramatic, and we've experienced a collective enhancement across our supply chain.”

Jason Higbee

Director of Materials Management, Grimmway Farms

Better Develop & Produce Packaging

Packaging professionals can manage the entire packaging life cycle, from ideation to production. Easily create, share, and keep track of packaging specifications and work with suppliers to bring packaging to market.

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