Lacerta: Streamlining Data Management with Specright

Lacerta Group, LLC, a leader in innovative packaging solutions, specializes in custom thermoformed plastic packaging for diverse industries. Previously, Lacerta relied on Excel to store critical data, resulting in disorganized and hard-to-access information. With Specright, Lacerta revolutionized their data management, enhancing efficiency and streamlining operations. 

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  • How Lacerta worked with Specsquad to sift through disconnected data 
  • How Lacerta developed coherent and standardized templates
  • The power of standardized data for consistent reporting
"When I started at Plastipak... I realized that Specright would be a huge improvement to what we were doing. With my background with Spec Squad and then learning the ins and outs of that side and then applying it to Plastipack, I thought it would be a great partnership and a great opportunity for Plastipak to move into the next stage of technology integration"

Donnie Kirkland

Corporate Quality Engineer, Plastipak

Implementation Services

We get it – your data is scattered across your supply chain. Our team of professionals is here to guide you every step of the way so you can take control of your data and get up and running on Specright.

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