Formulation Software for Any Stage of the Product Lifecycle

Managing formulations is critical – there’s a lot to balance, and things change. Understanding the relationships between formulas to bill of materials, packaging, and ensuring regulatory compliance is enough to manage. With Specright, you’ll have all the data you need at your fingertips to ensure formulas are up-to-date, changes are tracked, and new versions approved.

Manage Simple & Complex Formulations with Specright

With Specright, you can link raw material and ingredient specifications together to quickly build formulas. For more complex formulations, you can nest formulas within other formulas to accelerate product development. During the product development process, you can build out new formulas and ingredient lists leveraging new or existing specification templates.

Have an existing formula you just need to tweak? With our cloning capabilities, you can easily copy and create new variations. And we know things change and history is important – so you can easily supersede formulas and track previous versions – all on Specright.

  • Build out Formulas and Ingredient lists using NPD module
  • Clone formulas to easily create a new variation
  • Supersede formulas and easily track previous versions

Ensure Allergen & Regulatory Labeling Compliance 

Formulas and ingredients have huge implications on the safety of your products for consumers and the ability to withstand transportation. With Specright, our allergen rollups ensure proper allergen declarations on labels, which is critical for food and beverage and cosmetics customers when it comes to maintaining safety and product quality.

Speaking of cosmetics, ingredient lists are critical in this industry – and with Specright, you can easily manage quantitative and qualitative formula outputs.

  • Allergen rollups to ensure proper allergen statements on labels
  • QF/QIL outputs for Cosmetics — a little bit of customizations there

Track Every Step of the Formulation Approval Process

Changes in formulations need to go through the right stage gates, whether that’s at the beginning of the formulation development process or once a revision or optimizations have been made. With Specright, you can streamline and quickly route formulation processes and approvals to various key stakeholders in real-time – whether they’re in other departments or partners in your supply chain.

Need to quickly see what’s changed? Our Spec Compare allows you to easily review formulas side by side and highlight what field and values have changed.

If you have concerns about sensitive formulation data, you can easily hide that data from other users in the system using advanced permissions. And if you have company-specific routing, our configurable workflows make it easy for you to digitize and standardize your processes.

  • Route Formulas for approval to various key stakeholders
  • Hide sensitive formulation data from other users in the system
  • Ability to compare Formulas side by side

Determine Compatibility by Linking Formulas to Products & Packaging

Some ingredients aren’t compatible with products or packaging. It could be due to allergens, material conflicts with packaging, or the country it’s distributed in due to regulatory issues. When you link formulas to products in Specright, you’re alerted if there’s a potential conflict so you can avoid a potential recall, tax, or product failure.

  • Link Formulas to Finished Goods and Packaging Specifications to determine compatibility

Supply Chain Visibility

Unfortunately, supply chain disruptions are becoming the norm. Whether it’s an increase in commodity prices or geopolitical disruption, it’s important to understand everything about an ingredient during its life cycle: where it comes from, who supplies it, where it’s used, and so on – so you can quickly understand the impact across your supply chain.

Specright’s user-friendly Specification Data Management platform integrates with your mission-critical software systems like ERP and PLM to ensure end-to-end product information management, so you can spend less time managing data and more time managing quality control, profitability, and new formula management. 

  • Visibility into where an ingredient is used for recalls or supply chain shortages
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