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A Note From Matthew, Specright's CEO

Matthew WrightSpecification management is a crucial part of the packaging industry, and we’re excited to help you prepare for your career.

Currently, many companies house crucial data in spreadsheets and legacy systems, resulting in inefficiencies across the board. Proper spec management begins with capturing the DNA level data of products, testing results, and supply chain activities, then using that data to revolutionize the way we do business.

Welcome to the Specright family.


PackSight Support Community

For all things PackSight, check out our support community. Whether it’s simply logging in or running a test, most of your questions will be answered here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reach out to your professor with any questions regarding the project.

We train professors in the system and do a live or recorded video for the class,

covering the importance of packaging testing, how to simplify and digitize ITSA testing, and how to use PackSight. We also have training videos on our website for additional support.

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