Packaging Specification Management Software

Specright's Specification Management platform makes it easy for packaging professionals to manage the entire packaging life cycle, from ideation to production. Easily create, share and keep track of packaging specifications and work with suppliers to bring packaging to market.

How to Digitize Your Packaging Development Process

Today’s market demands more from packaging and the professionals that develop it; it needs to be sustainable, developed faster than ever, and still meet the highest quality standards. We built Specright so you have the right tools to make it happen.

Time to Move Packaging Specifications to the Cloud

Let’s face it. Managing packaging specifications has always been difficult. Most packaging data is spread across internal departments or external vendors along the supply chain. Any data that packaging professionals do have access to is managed using legacy systems or spreadsheets, static PDFs, and shared drives.

Specright is the first purpose-built platform for Specification Data Management and was designed by packaging professionals with deep roots in the industry. Packaging management at the DNA-level enables packaging teams to go from reactively chasing data to proactively designing innovative packaging solutions.

Hear from Johnson & Johnson’s Sr. Director of Packaging Innovation on why the company chose Specright to help standardize and control its cold chain packaging solutions.

Access Up-to-Date Packaging Specifications Anywhere, Anytime

With Specright, you can access packaging specifications from anywhere in the world, on any device, and rest assured knowing you’re working off the latest version of a specification. Real-time, digital specifications of every brand asset keep your packaging up-to-date and consistent. 

Specright can easily manage each individual component – raw materials, sub-assemblies, structures and so forth – and link them together to create the Bill of Materials or finished good. The result: an improved supplier relationship management process that offers benefits throughout the supply chain.

Folding Carton Packaging Specification


Grimmway Farms Takes Control of Packaging

As Grimmway Farms expanded the brands in its portfolio, each addition made managing packaging production difficult. Learn how Grimmway Farms used Specright to take control of packaging specs that resulted in time and cost savings.

Manage Packaging Changes & Approvals 

Specright enables you to standardize your packaging process and collaborate on packaging specifications and every step of the design process across internal and external teams. You can execute real-time packaging changes, updates, and approvals while maintaining version control and the integrity of your asset library. Use the digital asset manager to instantly view, edit, or share specs with suppliers and vendors to ensure all parties are working off of and producing the right version. 

The connectivity between product packaging and other product components creates unmatched visibility and traceability needed to operate in complex environments, from eCommerce to packaging for global markets.

What Our Users Say

No other product could be found that was able to do the solution out of the box the way Specright has.
- Senior Director of Packaging, Johnson & Johnson
Our systems were dinosaurs and they needed to be updated. You could sort faster in excel than you could in our database.
- Packaging Technologist, Corteva Agriscience
The results have been must faster access to information, mobile access to information.
- Senior Director of Packaging, Johnson & Johnson

Case Study: Grimmway Farms Takes Control of Packaging

As Grimmway Farms expanded the brands in its portfolio, each addition made managing packaging production difficult. Learn how Grimmway Farms used Specright to take control of packaging specs that resulted in time and cost savings.

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Managing Packaging & Driving Sustainability

As a tech-driven company, Rodan + Fields knew there had to be a better way to manage packaging specifications than in spreadsheets or shared drives. Learn how Specright enabled them to not only manage packaging, but to track and identify opportunities to drive sustainability.

Specright Enables Packaging Professionals To

Create Specifications

Easily create packaging specifications using over 50 Specright templates, such as corrugated and flexible packaging templates, to ensure the right data is captured, standardized, and free of human error.

Build BOMs & Finished Goods

Manage relationships between specifications, such as sub-assemblies, raw materials, and artwork, to create a digital graphic chain process through your packaging.

Rationalize SKUs

Enable every project manager and partner in procurement and purchasing to access specifications, easily create and share packaging bids with vendors, and improve the supplier relationship.

Mitigate Risk

Proactively avoid costly mistakes from human error regarding outdated packaging artwork and labels through Specright’s built-in workflow management.

Go to Bid

Leverage the built-in asset manager to empower your partners in procurement and purchasing to access product specifications and easily create and share packaging bids with vendors.

Report on Sustainability

Report on raw material usage across products and packaging, get recommendations on material substitutions, and easily track sustainability throughout the product development cycle.

Let's talk about what Specright can do for your business.

We believe that packaging management teams, its processes, and its operations should always have an accurate and unified view of everything that goes into their packaged products. This simply can’t be done efficiently or effectively to scale using legacy systems, especially considering the high-stakes involved with quality control, version control, and packaging materials related to, say, food and beverage or medical devices, for example. 

Specright does what no design software, manufacturing software, PLM software, or legacy system has done before. It simplifies the complex by transforming siloed, disjointed packaging documents and details into invaluable real-time data streams that accelerate your packaging development. It also helps give you back more time and resources for designing attractive product labels and creating great things. Learn more about Specification Data Management and its impact on packaging and supply chains in our latest eBook or schedule a demo today.

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