Unraveling Product Innovation with Paolo Pereira da Silva, Renova

On this episode of “Beyond the Shelf”, we sat down with the president of “the sexiest paper paper on earth”, Paulo Pereira da Silva from Renova. Transforming Renova from a traditional paper producer to an innovative category leader, Pereira da Silva has mastered the art of brand awareness and creating luxury experiences in unexpected ways. Tune in to this episode for a captivating journey of creativity and thought leadership.

Posted on 
May 3, 2024

In today's fast-paced world, innovation and a strong brand presence are key to rising above saturated markets, especially in more traditional industries such as paper production. Brand visionary Paulo Pereira da Silva, the president of Renova, a brand that has redefined what it means to be both a product manufacturer and a purveyor of stunning luxury experiences. Through his journey from physicist to CEO, Paulo has not only transformed Renova into a multinational enterprise but also revolutionized the way we perceive everyday products like toilet paper. We are pleased to have Paulo speak with Laura Foti on this episode of Beyond the Shelf, and it is not an episode you want to miss.

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The Genesis of Innovation in Tradition

Renova's story is one of transformation and bold innovation within an industry not known for either. Starting as a conventional paper company, it ventured into consumer products in the 1960s and gradually established itself as a market leader in Portugal. However, it was under Paulo's leadership that Renova began to truly differentiate itself on the global stage.

Paulo's approach to innovation is deeply rooted in his belief that businesses must impact people positively and offer them something genuinely different. This philosophy led him to reimagine toilet paper — traditionally viewed as a mundane commodity — into an object of design and desire. By introducing colors and patterns into an otherwise monochrome product category, Renova sparked conversations and changed perceptions worldwide.

Creativity Beyond Borders

What sets Paulo apart is his unwavering commitment to seeking inspiration far beyond the confines of his industry. His idea for black toilet paper, which has become Renova’s iconic product, was inspired by a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas. Paulo’s story of how this idea came about shows that listening to creative ideas and taking risks by executing them can be the key to success.

Paulo's success lies not just in innovative product development but also in his approach to marketing and branding. Renowned campaigns have challenged societal norms and garnered international attention, proving that creativity can be a powerful tool for differentiation even in the most saturated markets.

Embracing Complexity through Collaboration

At its core, Paulo's strategy revolves around managing complexity through collaboration with artists, engineers, marketers, and consumers themselves. He views the world as an interconnected network where understanding different perspectives enriches the innovation process.

This collaborative spirit extends beyond product development to how Renova interacts with its customers. By positioning itself as more than just a paper producer but rather as a brand that champions sustainability and design, Renova has cultivated emotional connections with its audience.


Paulo Pereira da Silva’s ability to see potential where others see monotony has not only propelled Renova into new markets but also revolutionized how we think about everyday products. We hope this episode has inspired you to realize some of your creative ideas.

Listen to the whole episode here and you can connect with Paulo on LinkedIn here.

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