Spec Summit 2022 Presentations: The ROI of a Spec-First Approach, Building Your Business Case

Gone are the days where enterprise technology purchases are straightforward. Not only are there numerous vendors for any given software category, but often combinations of solutions from each category can provide the necessary functionality. No purchase is single threaded; mix in competing priorities across departments, technical validation, limited budgets, and it becomes quite the uphill climb to just purchase a software solution. And, we haven’t even touched on implementation! However, there’s an oft-overlooked deliverable that can help cut through all of the noise and put your project on the fast track to success: a comprehensive business case. Simple in theory, yet difficult to build in reality. In this webinar on the value of taking a spec-first approach, we’ll cover why business cases are necessary and what key components are essential for a rock-solid business case.

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“Specright has exceeded our expectations on value to the process and the business. Our pilot deployment improved cycle time by >60%.”
Rod Patch
Director of Packaging, Johnson & Johnson

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When everyone has access to specifications, amazing things happen – faster product development, improved quality, and less waste.

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